Medical mistakes in Maryland can leave veterans with no choice

Many Maryland doctors often have their practice or moonlight at their local Veterans Affairs Medical Center. By doing so, the doctors alleviate the need to carry their own medical malpractice insurance and payroll that can often run the doctor thousands of dollars. Sometimes, doctors will start out working with the VA and then venture out on their own. A recent investigation by USA Today apparently found that one center has been allowing doctors to quietly resign after repeated medical mistakes that have caused unnecessary pain and suffering for veterans.

A podiatrist for a Veterans Affairs Medical Center in another state has been accused of making at least 88 mistakes, including drilling the wrong screw into a bone, severing a tendon, as well as performing unnecessary surgeries and a failed ankle fusion, twice. What’s more disturbing is the fact that the center knew he was dangerous as a practitioner and allowed him to resign with no other action taken. After his resignation, he reportedly opened a private practice in another state. Instead of the facility firing or reporting the doctor, his new patients at his new practice had no way of finding the truth behind the issues that the doctor had with the VA.

The investigation that revealed this doctor’s disturbing terms of exit with the VA also uncovered around 230 other settlements which were not made public regarding other doctors and medical staff that had worked at the VA. These former staff members also quietly left the VA and opened a practice or began to work in the private sector without any public record of their transgressions. There is currently a lawsuit filed by six veterans regarding the doctor accused of making 88 mistakes and claiming that the VA concealment constituted fraud.

Medical mistakes can and do happen. When a doctor who has taken an oath to provide the proper and relative care necessary to help patients starts to do harm instead of good, reporting the doctor is necessary. Should a Anyone who is a victim of medical malpractice in Maryland can seek an experienced attorney to help navigate the process of filing a claim in a civil court. A successful claim can help cover medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages and other quantifiable monetary damages.

Source:, “‘Dangerous surgeon’ at Togus allegedly made mistakes in 88 cases, but VA kept it quiet“, Oct. 12, 2017

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