What benefits can injured Maryland workers receive?

A workplace injury can deeply impact a person. Given this, Maryland’s workers’ comp system can be very important for people in the state who have been hurt while working. Under this system, people who have suffered a qualifying work injury can be entitled to benefits which can help with recovering from an injury and coping with its effects.

What types of benefits can workers get in relation to workers’ comp claims here in Maryland? Four of the main types benefits are:

  • Medical benefits: A work injury can leave a worker with a variety of medical needs. Under the workers’ comp system, injured workers can receive benefits covering the expenses of the services needed to meet these needs. This can include coverage of things such as treatments, surgeries, medicine, medical devices, hospital services and nursing services.
  • Wage reimbursement: When an injured worker misses work due to a doctor’s visit ordered by an employer or workers’ comp insurer or a workers’ comp hearing that came about through actions by an employer or insurer, he or she may be eligible for reimbursement of the wages from the missed work.
  • Disability benefits: A work injury could impact a person’s work ability. Under the state’s worker comp system, when this happens to a worker, the worker may qualify for disability benefits. The four main types of such benefits are: temporary partial, temporary total, permanent partial and permanent total. Which type a worker could qualify for depends on how deeply the injury impacted his or her work ability and how long this impact is expected to last.
  • Vocational rehabilitation: Sometimes, a work injury leaves a worker permanently unable to return to his or her previous line of work. When this happens, a worker may be entitled vocational rehabilitation benefits to help him or her with finding a new career path.

There are rules on when workers are eligible for any type of workers’ comp benefits. Additionally, for each type of benefit, there are rules for when a person would qualify for the benefit and how much the benefit would be. Navigating these rules can have its challenges. When challenges arise during the pursuit of any kind of workers’ comp benefits in the state, workers here in Maryland may want to bring in skilled workers’ comp lawyers for help.

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