Local boy dies after brain injury

As children grow, they often show interest in extracurricular activities like a club or a sport. Participating in team sports can help children develop critical skills that may help them succeed later in life. Even when parents carefully choose a sport or a league that prioritizes safety, serious injuries can occur. Recently, a Maryland boy suffered a brain injury while practicing with his hockey team. 

The boy was attending a program designed to help new hockey players develop skills to enhance ability in a game situation. While the boy was practicing a new type of shot, he was struck in the neck with a hockey puck. Though he was wearing an appropriate helmet, the puck struck an unprotected area.

The injury resulted in a serious brain injury. Emergency medical care could not save him, and the injury proved fatal for the young hockey player. Friends, family and teammates devastated by the loss now wonder if young hockey players may benefit from new safety gear designed to protect the neck and spinal cord. 

While the injury does not appear to have been intentional, the adults in charge may want to reconsider how such practices are structured and try to develop new ways to prevent similar injuries to other players. In some cases, there may be legal recourse for families with a child who suffered a brain injury while participating in youth sports. Parents interested in legal action may want to consider reaching out to a Maryland attorney to seek justice and compensation for brain injury victims. 

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