Multi-car accident injures baby, teen, child and 4 adults

A multi-car accident caused serious injuries to several individuals, including a baby, a child and a teenager. The wreck took place in Germantown, Maryland, where one car crashed into six others. The other vehicles were all stopped at a traffic light when the first one came busting through. The car accident proved to be an especially damaging one.

The driver of the first car is 43 years old. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment of serious injuries. He had two passengers in the car with him who were also seriously injured, a 36-year-old woman and a 13-year-old boy.

One of the other drivers is 41 years old and had serious injuries. Two of the passengers in that car were children. One was a 2-year-old girl, and the other was an 11-month-old boy. They were also taken to the hospital and had serious injuries.

Yet another driver, 38, suffered injuries that were not life-threatening, but he was still taken to a nearby hospital to be checked out. All of the injured were waiting for the traffic signal to change when the cars suddenly exploded into movement. Firefighters, police, and EMS workers spent some time working the scene while traffic lanes were closed off.

Being involved in this type of accident can be especially traumatizing to both children and adults. Along with the physical injuries, there can be emotional scars as well. Those who are injured in such a car accident in Maryland have the right to seek compensation by contacting a personal injury lawyer. This attorney can guide the client in how to start the process and ask for repayment of medical bills, time lost from work, emotional distress, and more.

Source:, “Officials: Multi-car crash injures 7 including baby, child, teen in Montgomery Co.“, May 2, 2017

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