Motor vehicle accident spikes over the holidays breeds concern

Despite the 2020 holiday travel season in Maryland and across the nation being radically different than normal, concerns remain about motor vehicle accidents. The most frequent risks of road travel are drivers who are under the influence, reckless drivers, distracted drivers and drowsy drivers. These problems are exacerbated during the holiday season regardless of the circumstances. Since the roads may be emptier, drivers could be tempted to push the envelope. Accidents can cause serious injuries and fatalities. People who have been impacted by a crash and its aftermath should understand what steps to take to pursue compensation.

Law enforcement begins campaign to find at-risk drivers

In Maryland, state police officers will be out in force over the holidays to find drivers who are driving while impaired, distracted, aggressive or are committing other risky behaviors on the road. They will be warned, cited and arrested, depending on the violation. Set to continue through New Year’s Day, the goal is to improve safety for those who will be on the road even with the ongoing health concerns that have changed plans for many throughout the U.S.

From 2014 to 2018, there was an average of 145 road fatalities and more than 2,100 people were injured because of drivers who were impaired; distracted driving led to 159 deaths and almost 1,800 injuries; and 32 died and around 1,550 suffered injuries because of aggressive drivers. Law enforcement encourages drivers to prepare for travel by having a designated driver and avoiding other behaviors that can place themselves and others in jeopardy.

Even with safety campaigns, accidents are still likely

Safety campaigns are conducted with the best of intentions and they can be effective. Still, there are some drivers who will get behind the wheel and behave in a reckless manner, disobeying the basic laws for safety and placing others in danger. After an auto accident, people may be confronted with major medical costs, lost wages, the need for extended treatment, issues with becoming fully independent and a host of other challenges. If there is a fatality, it will be even worse. A legal filing might be necessary to recover sufficient compensation to cover for all that was lost. A firm with experience in motor vehicle accidents may be able to help with gathering evidence and taking the steps to file a case.


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