Man suffers fatal nursing-home injury

Choosing to place a loved one in a nursing home facility at any point in his or her life is difficult for most Maryland families to make the transition. Trusting staff to care for a loved one is very difficult, but nursing homes can often provide a level of care that some families cannot. One family sadly lost their loved one, and they believe it is due to the nursing home injury he suffered.

Despite the change of pace from his normal routine of his previous full life, his family reported that he appeared content in the facility. The family claims that his life quickly ended as a result of a nurse’s poor judgment. The man was apparently sitting in the hallway when one nurse requested another nurse to push him to dinner. According to the family, the man was not warned of the transport and footrests were not in place prior to pushing him.

The man fell from the wheelchair and broke his neck. Failing to follow safety procedures, the nurses turned the patient over and transported him to his bed without immobilizing his spine. He was transferred to a medical facility and determined to have suffered cervical fractures. He died not long after his transfer.

Although the nurses were reportedly fired not long after the incidence, the family has filed a lawsuit against the facility. The lawsuit has gone to trial to determine if the nursing home was negligent in its actions. Families who believe that their loved ones have suffered a similar unnecessary and harmful nursing home injury could benefit from speaking with an attorney in Maryland to determine if their case would qualify for similar legal recourse.

Source:, “Trial underway for nursing home sued in wrongful-death complaint“, Steve Marroni, Dec. 6, 2017

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