Common causes of cerebral palsy

When Maryland parents are expecting a baby, there is lots to do to prepare for the big day. Some preparations are fun, like choosing a name, decorating the nursery and picking out tiny little clothes. There are also some very important matters to handle before birth, and while bringing home baby is usually a joyous occasion, some parents find themselves dealing with the consequences of a serious birth injury, like cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy is a brain disorder that can affect a person forever. People with this condition struggle with motor skills, and for an infant, the ability to suck may be affected, making feeding difficult. As a child grows, he or she may struggle to balance or even be unable to walk or crawl. 

While cerebral palsy can occur naturally as the brain of the fetus develops, it is often the result of a serious birth injury during the delivery process. If an infant suffers a head injury, is deprived of oxygen or labor is prolonged, the risk increases greatly. Such risk factors are commonly caused by medical malpractice. 

If medical error caused cerebral palsy in an infant, it usually becomes clear within the first month of life. Maryland families that want to take legal action against the party deemed at fault can reach out to an experienced local attorney. An attorney can help a client file a civil lawsuit on behalf of the child, and a favorable verdict can result in a monetary judgment to help a family provide ongoing care to help a special needs child thrive. 

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