Hit-and-run passenger may be key witness

Bars and restaurants are opening back up in Maryland, and residents who were stuck at home for months are excited to visit both old and new establishments. Patrons must remember that, when visiting a bar or restaurant, they should limit the amount of alcohol they consume or arrange for a designated driver. A recent hit-and-run death may have been alcohol-related, and a surprising witness may be able to provide key evidence. 

Police rushed to the scene after receiving multiple reports of a pedestrian being struck by a car. They found a Maryland man with serious injuries laying nearby. He was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment, but doctors were unable to save him, and he was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. 

Police began to investigate, and the next morning, a surprising witness thought he may be able to help. The caller explained that he may have been in the very vehicle that struck the victim. He identified the driver and said both he and the driver had been drinking and were on the way to another bar. The passenger said he thought the vehicle may have hit something, but after checking the outside of the vehicle for damage, the driver did not seem concerned. The driver was apprehended and now faces criminal charges.

The family of the deceased may feel cheated and overwhelmed. Losing a loved one to a hit-and-run can be traumatic, and family must find a way to mourn the loss while struggling to cover hospital bills, final expenses and other financial burdens that follow such a crash. A compassionate Maryland attorney can help a client bring a civil suit against the party at fault.

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