The common causes of a truck accident may surprise you

As a driver, you know that you take your life into your hands every time you step into your vehicle. At least, you should remain mindful of the need to be responsible at all times behind the wheel and never lose sight of the dangers inherent to getting on the road.Airplane accidents may get more press, even though, statistically, they are far less common, but the dangers of roadway driving are clear. It only takes a fraction of a second for a life-altering tragedy to occur and they take place far too often than then should if people took driving for the privilege and responsibility it really is.

Commercial trucks are everywhere, too, and their sheer size can intimidate many drivers in regular-sized vehicles. They certainly fare better when accidents do take place.

Causes of truck accidents

It’s important that you become familiar with the most common causes of a truck accident, as you never want to find yourself in this situation:

  • Reckless driving, such as when a trucker speeds or neglects to use a turn signal when changing lanes
  • Distracted driving, which could be something as simple as a truck driver sending a short text message
  • Drowsy driving, which is often the result of a tight schedule that keeps a trucker on the road for too many consecutive hours
  • Inadequate training, including techniques associated with defensive driving
  • Unrealistic schedules set by the trucking company
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol, prescription drugs, or illegal drugs

Now that you know the mistakes that truckers and trucking companies make that can cause an accident, you should focus on your personal approach to driving.

For example, make sure you never fall prey to a distraction in your vehicle. Also, you shouldn’t get behind the wheel if you are tired or have had anything to drink.

What to do after an accident

An accident that involves a truck and a passenger vehicle can result in serious injury or death. In most cases, the person in the smaller vehicle is at a disadvantage.

If you find yourself on the road after a truck accident, call 911 and wait for help to arrive. You need to seek immediate medical care, as your injuries could be serious.

As you recover, you’ll have time to revisit the accident to better understand what went wrong. During this time, you can also learn more about your legal rights and how to hold the negligent party, such as the trucker or trucking company, responsible for your injuries and other damages.

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