Maryland paramedics can be charged with medical malpractice

Maryland families prepare for the arrival of a baby in many ways. Reviewing or implementing a will and updating life insurance policies may be just a few “must-do’s” when expecting, next to setting up the nursery and picking out baby names. When a parent dies shortly after the birth of the child, the family can be left reeling and wondering why this happened.  A young mother’s estate has finally been settled when a jury ruled in favor of a $6 million medical malpractice lawsuit after she lost her life7 days after the birth of her premature son.

A 20-year-old mother in another state went into premature labor when she was 28 weeks pregnant. The baby was delivered via cesarean section, and after a short recovery period for mom, she went home. A week later, while at her parents’ home, she collapsed. While in route to the hospital via ambulance, the paramedics failed to intubate her correctly, and she died shortly after arriving at her local hospital. The medical staff had discovered after her death that an endotracheal tube was incorrectly placed by the advanced life support paramedics who were transporting her.

The verdict was handed down by the jury who believed that the most pressing injury which contributed to the woman’s death was the health care facility’s inability to act in good faith. The jury also cited that the paramedics were unsuccessful in addressing her respiratory or cardiac arrest issue. After debating, they awarded the young mother’s estate $4 million and a trust of $2 million to her surviving son.

Medical malpractice can be tricky to prove and even harder to obtain a substantial amount to sustain a victim or his or her family. An experienced Maryland attorney can provide emotional and legal support to the injured and their families. A successful claim filed in civil court could help cover medical expenses incurred and final costs.

Source:, “Verdict: Capital Health must pay $6M for medical malpractice that killed Trenton mom, 20”, Sulaiman Abdur-rahman, Sept. 27, 2017

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