Former warden’s family could receive workers’ compensation

A person who deals with convicted criminals on a daily basis knows that his or her life may be in jeopardy as a result of their occupation. However, a former Maryland warden was killed in an out-of-state workplace accident after he resigned his position as warden and was working in a position that many would assume is safer. As a result of the accident, his family may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

The accident occurred one morning in early April. The man was installing electric services at an empty warehouse for AET Electric. Reports indicate that the man became trapped between a pole and a forklift.

Although he was transported to an area hospital for treatment, he was pronounced dead once he arrived. In most accidents such as this, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will conduct an investigation to determine if any safety or health standards were violated leading up to the incident. If violations are discovered, the man’s employer could be issued a fine.

While OSHA works to prevent a similar accident in the future, the family of the deceased man is left dealing with both their grief and the financial implications of the his death. In addition to the loss of his wages, the family will also have to cope with funeral expenses as well as other burdens. In most states, including Maryland, families of people who were killed as a result of a workplace accident are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to help deal with the financial ramifications stemming from the fatality. However, some people have found that knowledge of laws governing compensation is beneficial to smoothly navigate through the process.

Source:, “Former Somerset warden killed in accident”, , April 3, 2014

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