Maryland officer on trial after causing 2 car accidents in 1 day

Maryland residents may recall the case of a police officer from Howard County allegedly being responsible for a crash last summer. In his ongoing trial, it was discovered that he was involved in two car accidents during that same day. Assistant State’s Attorneys said that his actions could not be described as an accident, but rather as a criminal act.

On an afternoon in June, the officer was driving eastward on Route 100 when he unexpectedly braked for no apparent reason. The vehicle behind him could not avoid rear-ending his vehicle, which caused it to slide off of the road. Officers responding to the accident ticketed the driver of the second vehicle. A senior officer declared the officer involved in the crash to be fit to continue his duties. The Howard County officer then drove off in an eastern direction.

He eventually pulled off the road and attempted to make a U-turn. The driver of an approaching vehicle saw the officer’s stationary vehicle just before he turned directly in front of her. Unable to avoid a collision, she smashed into the side of his vehicle. Her two daughters, who were passengers in the rear seat, sustained serious injuries and had to be airlifted to a hospital while the driver and a passenger in her front seat were not seriously injured. The police officer is facing multiple charges in the ongoing trial.

Maryland residents who have sustained injuries in car accidents caused by other parties may find it useful to explore the relative state laws and legal options available to them. They may have the right to claim damages by filing a personal injury claim. In cases where the court finds an accused party to have significantly contributed to the accident and resulting injuries, it may grant compensation that the victims can apply to medical and other expenses.

Source:, Trial begins for Howard police officer charged in Anne Arundel crash, Tim Pratt, Feb. 14, 2014

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