Breast cancer screening practices and diagnostic errors

As advances in cancer research and treatment continue, medical professionals are better able to diagnose and effectively treat those who have been diagnosed with the disease. In fact, many cancers that are deadly if left untreated can be eradicated if caught early enough. This means that speed and accuracy matter a great deal when it comes to dealing with cancer. One cancer where this is true is breast cancer.

How breast cancer is diagnosed

There are a lot of ways that doctors can go about diagnosing breast cancer. To start, a breast exam can identify any irregular lumps that require additional testing. Then tests such as an X-ray, a MRI, or even an ultrasound can provide images of deep tissue to better spot abnormalities in the breast. Once those irregularities are identified, a biopsy, where a piece of the suspicious lump is removed and tested, can be taken, thereby giving a patient a clear indication of whether the lump is cancerous or not.

Diagnostic errors

Those tests may seem pretty routine, especially given the commonality of breast cancer, but the sad reality is that diagnostic errors occur all the time. Far too often, doctors fail to order proper testing, but even when they do conduct the appropriate testing they sometimes misread those tests’ results. These mistakes can allow the cancer to progress to a more advanced stage without treatment, which can place a patient’s very life in danger. This is unacceptable, and those who make such medical errors to the detriment of their patients need to be held accountable.

Pursuing a medical malpractice claim

If you or a loved one has been harmed by a cancer misdiagnosis or a failure to diagnose, then you might want to consider taking legal action. A successful medical malpractice lawsuit might  not only lead to the recovery of compensation for damages suffered, but it can also lead to accountability and act as a deterrent to negligent medical professionals. Hopefully then you can have the resources that you need to fully focus on your condition and living your best life possible while knowing that you have done what you can to protect others from suffering a similar fate.

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