Surgeon may lose medical license due to surgical error

Sometimes a Maryland resident seeks medical help, only to suffer complications or unforeseen side effects afterwards. At other times, an individual may suffer a serious injury, illness or another kind of complication due to a surgical error. When this occurs, the victim may experience feelings of betrayed trust, as well as the financial issues that may arise from the cost of repeat surgeries, lost wages and other related issues.

An out-of-state doctor has been accused of messing up four individual’s cosmetic surgeries. The victims allege that the doctor’s medical malpractice occurred over the course of three days in May 2015 and lead them to being hospitalized with apparently life-threatening complications. Due to the nature of the claims, the state could choose to either suspend or even revoke the medical practitioner’s license.

One of the victims, an Alabama woman, says that she is still experiencing complications after a “Brazilian Butt Lift” the doctor performed, as she still does not have feeling in her foot and experiences trouble walking. She was in the hospital for four months due to the botched surgery. The state claims that the doctor injected fat into the woman’s backside, as well as her sciatic nerve — his instruments also apparently struck her bowel.

When a medical professional in Maryland fails to meet the established standards of care in his or her area of medicine, medical malpractice may have occurred.  A case is considered valid when it meets two separate requirements — the negligence or malpractice was perpetrated by a nurse, doctor, hospital or similar health care provider and the act directly resulted in the injury, disability, pain and suffering, or death of the victim. The four women who experienced health complications from the doctor’s alleged surgical error will most likely consult an experienced personal injury attorney to assess the validity of their proposed claims.

Source: NBC Miami, “Surgeon Faces Losing Medical License in Malpractice Hearing“, Dan Krauth, Oct. 27, 2016

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