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November 2016 Archives

Driver suffers serious head injury in collision with dump truck

Commercial trucks can weigh anywhere from 16,000 to 20,000 pounds. In Maryland and elsewhere, accidents involving them may result in broken bones, a head injury or even a fatality. Getting injured in a collision with such a large vehicle is often an overwhelming experience.  

Recent Maryland car accident: 1 killed in 2-vehicle collision

Car accidents in Maryland have the potential to cause a wide range of damages -- from the minor fender benders all the way up to the devastating crashes that either seriously injury individuals or even claim lives. But when a car accident involves a motorcycle, the results are often grim. When an accident occurs between a motorcyclist and another vehicle, the rider -- or, in the event of the rider's death, his or her family or loved ones -- may choose to file a legal claim against the other driver.

When a car accident can cause a traumatic brain injury

Maryland motor vehicle accidents can change the lives of those involved forever. The injuries suffered -- whether temporary or permanent -- may sometimes result in the victims not being able to return to work in the short term -- or ever again. In the event of a serious car accident, a victim may suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI), which often leads to expensive medical bills, rehabilitation and physical therapy.

Mother alleges doctor error lead to lifelong injury of son

Of all medical malpractice claims, birth injuries may be some of the most tragic. Many people can find a way to overcome the illnesses and injuries that they suffer themselves, but it can be much more difficult to bear when these things happen to a child. There are many causes of birth injuries in Maryland, including doctor error.

Recent Maryland car accident leaves 1 dead, 2 critically injured

A serious car crash has the potential to seriously impact the physical, financial and emotional well-being of a victim, in addition to the victim's family. In addition to injuries suffered, the victim of a car accident might incur expensive medical bills and lose wages due to being absent from work, as well as other types of emotional and mental trauma. The aftermath of a such an accident is overwhelming, but luckily a Maryland victim does not have to face it alone.

SUV strikes cyclist: woman recovering from traumatic brain injury

Like in many personal injury cases, the injuries a Maryland cyclist may suffer in a bike injury often vary widely. In a minor accident, a victim may only suffer an injury like a bump,a cut or a scrape, but in a more serious accident, a fracture, spinal damage or even a traumatic brain injury may result. One out-of-state woman suffered a traumatic brain injury in a recent bike vs.vehicle accident.

Surgeon may lose medical license due to surgical error

Sometimes a Maryland resident seeks medical help, only to suffer complications or unforeseen side effects afterwards. At other times, an individual may suffer a serious injury, illness or another kind of complication due to a surgical error. When this occurs, the victim may experience feelings of betrayed trust, as well as the financial issues that may arise from the cost of repeat surgeries, lost wages and other related issues.

$4.2 million awarded to former family for birth injury

When a doctor informs expecting parents in Maryland that their child has suffered an injury or defect, their worst fears may have been realized. Yet, that startling announcement may really only be the beginning of a sometimes very long ordeal. Attempting to determine whether or not a birth injury resulted from medical negligence often requires an extensive investigation.

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