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September 2016 Archives

Recent Maryland car accident: 2 seriously injured

When a driver in Maryland becomes the victim of a serious automobile crash, the effects may be life altering. Sometimes the injuries are temporary, while others are permanent. Either way, they could result in the individual having to take extended time off away from work or even never return to work again if the injuries are serious enough. Besides lost pay, medical bills as a result of a serious car accident can become seemingly insurmountable very quickly.

Maryland car accident: Distracted driving has fatal consequences

Every day, on roads in Maryland and elsewhere, it is not uncommon to see drivers who are distracted. Sadly, such behavior can, and often will, lead to a car accident. According to the AAA Foundation, many collisions involving distracted drivers result in fatality, affecting thousands of people every year.

Maryland birth injury: What is shoulder dystocia?

Regardless of where one lives -- whether in Maryland or elsewhere -- there are various birth injuries that may be experienced during the process of labor and delivery. One such potential injury that may be suffered is called shoulder dystocia. Sadly, this type of injury can result in a child experiencing permanent damages, such as pain and paralysis -- among others. A mother's health can also be negatively affected when shoulder dystocia occurs.

Suspected drunk driver involved in Maryland car accident

Being involved in a wreck with a drunk driver can be a frightening experience. The situation can be even more unfortunate if serious injuries result from the car accident. After such an event, criminal charges will likely be filed against the drunk driver, and any injured parties may wish to file civil claims of their own.

Maryland car accident leads to death

Having a good time with friends is something that many individuals enjoy. However, a good time could quickly turn into a devastating situation if a car accident takes place. Even if only one vehicle is involved, the outcomes could be tragic, and individuals who lose a loved one in such an event may find themselves wondering how to pick up the pieces. 

Deadly car accident claims the lives of a mother and son

Too many families are notified by police that a loved one was killed in a crash. One loss is difficult enough, but when more than one family member is unexpectedly killed in a car accident, it can be even more devastating. Sadly, one Maryland family was notified that two of its members, a mother and son, died in a crash that occurred in the early morning hours of a recent Sunday.

Recent Maryland car accident: 2 killed in 2-car crash

When a Maryland driver is the victim of a serious vehicular accident, the effects are often life altering. Whether the injuries suffered were temporary or permanent, they may result in the individual not being able to work in the short term or, quite possibly, ever again. The medical bills following a serious car accident may quickly become insurmountable, especially when the victim's health care coverage doesn't cover all the costs.

Man dies, family files medical malpractice suit against hospital

Sometimes, an individual may go in for a routine medical procedure only to suffer complications and unforeseen side effects later. At other times, an individual may suffer what they feel to be unnecessary pain and/or suffering while in the care of a Maryland medical professional. In some cases, perhaps a doctor failed to diagnose a serious condition during an earlier visit. If any of the above are the case, medical malpractice may have occurred.

Recent Maryland car accident: 3-car crash caused by SU

When individuals are the victims of vehicle accidents, the effects may be life altering. The injuries suffered, whether they are temporary or permanent, may result in those individuals not being able to work in the short term or ever again. In a serious car accident, the medical bills may become insurmountable, particularly when an individual does not have sufficient health care coverage.

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