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June 2016 Archives

Car accident injures 5; 1 suffers traumatic brain injury

Five people are now in the hospital after a serious two-car collision that occurred out of state, police say. The accident occurred on a recent Tuesday morning in June. Of the five young people injured, one suffered a traumatic brain injury. As Maryland residents know, suffering a TBI is often a grave injury.

$2.5M award in medical malpractice trial over death of a newborn

Many lawsuits that are brought against hospitals are either settled out of court or mediated. However, when these avenues fail, a medical malpractice case may go to jury trial.  Readers in Maryland may be interested that a large verdict was recently handed down against a hospital and an emergency room physician's group for medical malpractice and the wrongful death of a newborn baby.

Expectations for an interview with a personal injury attorney

When an individual is involved in an accident in Maryland that was caused by someone else, he or she may choose to consult an attorney. During this first meeting, the personal injury attorney will ask what happened and will typically collect a significant amount of information. The length of the first interview may vary, depending on what exact circumstances led to an individual's injuries.

Fatal car accident kills 2 high schoolers

With many students either out of school or their summer vacation right around the corner, many high schoolers are about to be out driving on Maryland roads. Most teens driving this summer will do so safely. However, between driving to and from summer parties and cheap gas prices leading to more road trips, with more vehicles on the road, there is a greater chance that a car accident will occur.

3 Maryland teens dead, accident investigation continues

As one Maryland high school prepared for its graduation, students, families and faculty found out that three students had died in a single-vehicle crash. The three, who were members of the junior class in school, were reportedly returning from a pre-graduation event when tragedy struck. The accident investigation remains ongoing as officials attempt to ascertain the factors that led to the deaths of the teenagers.

Medical malpractice basics: Essential things victims should know

Over the course of an individual's life, he or she may suffer many illnesses, several injuries and may even undergo a surgical procedure or two. Most, if not all, surgeries will go off without a hitch. However, in the event that a medical procedure does not go as planned due to a health care professional or a provider's negligence, a victim may be within his or her legal rights to file a medical malpractice suit in a Maryland civil court against the responsible party or parties.

An overview of a traumatic brain injury

Any type of injury to the head or neck should be taken seriously. Traumatic brain injuries account for around 1.7 million visits to the emergency room, hospitalizations and deaths each year in the U.S. When Maryland individuals think of what might cause a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, they may think of an individual who is involved in a serious car accident or perhaps collides with a hard object. However, an individual may suffer a TBI due to any kind of trauma to either the head or neck region.

1 injured in Maryland hit-and-run car accident

A Maryland woman was recently involved in a car accident that sent her to the hospital. The other driver, a Maryland man, was allegedly driving under the influence when the car accident occurred. He is now facing DUI as well as other charges in relation to the accident, which police say was a hit and run.

Considerations when filing a medical malpractice suit

Good health is one of the most treasured but often forgotten gifts. It is often not until it is taken away that it is truly appreciated. When Maryland residents are ailing and in need of help, they hand over their health  -- and sometimes their very life -- to medical professionals. When things do not go as planned and serious injury or death results, the victim (or the loved ones if the victim dies) may be entitled to file medical malpractice suits against the party or parties believed responsible.

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