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December 2014 Archives

Medical malpractice in Maryland -- when is a claim appropriate?

Millions of patients in Maryland and across the country seek medical treatment each year. These patients likely have faith that their medical care providers are well-trained, careful professionals who will do everything in their power to diagnose and treat their ailments. Unfortunately, mistakes happen, and these mistakes have the potential of causing significant damage. If the mistakes happen as a result of negligence, a medical malpractice lawsuit may be appropriate.

Maryland car accidents: Anne Arundel crash kills 2

There are many public service campaigns intent on educating the public on the potential dangers of driving while under the influence of alcohol. In addition to these efforts, driver education courses also work to get the message out to the public. Even alcohol manufacturers encourage drivers to drink responsibly in order to avoid dangerous car accidents. Unfortunately, people continue to ignore these efforts, placing their lives, as well as the lives of innocent people, at risk. For example, it is believed that an accident in Anne Arundel that killed two people was the result of alcohol.

Maryland car accidents: fatality in U-turn related crash

There are many people who travel Maryland roadways who are, overall, safe drivers. They try to follow all traffic laws and avoid distractions while driving. Unfortunately, some car accidents are caused by some of the safest of drivers who slightly misjudge a turn or distance. While the mistake may be out of character, it can still have devastating consequences, sometimes resulting in a fatality. Police are still trying to work out all of the details associated with one man's death in a recent tragic accident.

Anne Arundel car accidents: Speed, negligence alleged in crash

There are many measures in place to keep users of Maryland roadways safe. Legislators work hard to ensure that laws protect drivers and appropriately punish those found guilty of traffic infractions. Additionally, motor vehicle manufacturers work diligently to ensure that vehicles have adequate safety features. Despite these measures, car accidents still happen, and lives may be lost. Unfortunately, one man was recently killed in Anne Arundel in a head-on collision.

Onboard medical malpractice has new litigation potential

Thousands of people choose to go on cruises each year, but, despite their positive aspects, some people in Maryland worry about what might happen if they are injured or become ill while at sea. Fortunately, many cruise companies now have onboard urgent care centers staffed with doctors and nurses. Another fortunate development is a recent ruling that provides legal recourse to those who suffer medical malpractice while on board a cruise ship.

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