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December 2013 Archives

Maryland car accidents could lead to personal injury claim

For most people across the country, Christmas is a time of traditions and family. However, when car accidents happen on Christmas day, the holiday can forever hold memories of pain and injury. A Christmas day accident in Maryland has sent six people to the hospital this year, some with serious injuries.

Maryland car accidents can result in financial difficulty

Driving or riding in a car is an activity in which the vast majority of Americans participate. Because it is such a common activity, it is easy to overlook the potential risks. For example, even what most people would consider safe maneuvers could cause car accidents that result in death or serious injuries. One driver's recent attempt to make a u-turn in Maryland has resulted in the death of one and injury to three others.

Maryland car accidents: interstate wreck kills 1 and injures 2

Damage to vehicles, minor and major injuries and death can all result from collisions. Car accidents on the interstate tend to have more serious results than those on other roads because of the speed at which the vehicles are traveling. Unfortunately, drivers can often be more reckless when there is a long stretch of open road in front of them. Also, driving at night becomes riskier because there is less time to react to unexpected objects. A recent accident on a Maryland interstate showed how devastating such a collision could be.

Maryland car accidents: Wrong way collision leads to fatality

The majority of drivers assume that they need to watch out for drivers behind them, beside them and possibly in front of them. However, most do not consider the possibility of a driver coming towards them in the same lane of traffic. When this does occur, car accidents are the likely result. Such an accident recently occurred on I-70 in Maryland.

Car accidents: Maryland girl, 10, injured

A girl struck by a car is in critical care, according to local sources. Maryland police have called in experts in car accidents to reconstruct the scene of the incident as part of their ongoing investigation. No charges have yet been filed in association with the case.

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