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Not long ago, this Maryland-based personal injury blog published a post on settlements for medical malpractice cases. Before an Annapolis victim accepts a medical malpractice settlement, they must be sure that the amount offered is sufficient to meet their needs and cover their losses. Similar considerations should be made when a motor vehicle accident victim is offered a settlement following a collision.

What is a settlement?

Settlements are important agreements that exist in different areas of the law. In the personal injury field, a settlement may be an efficient way for a victim to be compensated for their losses after suffering damages due to another party’s actions. Generally, a settlement keeps a legal claim out of court and provides a victim with an agreed upon amount of money. In exchange for the receipt of their settlement money, the victim must give up their future right to sue the responsible party for their accident-related claims.

Maryland residents have plenty to worry about whenever they get behind the wheel of a vehicle, but usually there are three primary concerns: drowsy drivers, distracted drivers and drunk drivers. All of these dangers have been around almost as long as motor vehicles have existed. Drunk driving, in particular, is a serious problem in America.

NHTSA statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately 28 people die in America every day due to being in a motor vehicle accident that involved a drunk driver. As the NHTSA notes, that is almost one death every 52 minutes. Those are shocking statistics indeed. Fortunately, there is also some evidence that the overall rate of deaths due to drunk driving are dropping in America. For example, the NHTSA statistics show that in one recent year – 2019 – the number of drunk driving deaths reached its lowest point in almost 37 years. Still, in that year alone, there were over 10,140 deaths in drunk driving accidents.

Modern vehicles are incredibly safe, thanks in part to years of research and development into effective safety devices like seatbelts and airbags. Across Maryland, drivers may operate vehicles with accident detection systems and other technologically advanced programs that help them monitor their surroundings and avoid crashes. These tools, coupled with safe driving practices, help reduce the number of deadly accidents on American roads.

However, as readers of this blog know, not all drivers use safe practices when they are in their vehicles and not even the most sophisticated vehicle safety programs can keep them from causing crashes. When accidents happen, victims can suffer dearly for other drivers’ mistakes. One form of injury that is possible when motor vehicles collide is spinal cord injury, and this post will explore its devastating effects.

What is the spinal cord?

Many people in are issued a company cell phone at their job, so they can make and receive calls even when they are not in the office. While some workers may find this a convenience or even a perk, others may resent being “on-call” all the time. Either way, there is one time when you should ignore the ringing of your company cell phone — when you are driving.

The dangers of texting and driving

While any cell phone use behind the wheel can be distracting, culminating in a car crash, texting and driving is especially dangerous as it encompasses all three forms of distraction.

A commercial vehicle accident can leave devastation in its wake. The sheer size of these vehicles can total vehicles and leave the passengers within them with serious injuries. These injuries, in turn, can have profound ramifications for victims and their families. Severe injuries may leave victims disabled, unable to enjoy their life as much as they did before, and forced to cope with extreme pain and suffering. Making matters worse is the fact that the financial damages thrust upon commercial vehicle accident victims can be enormous.

Suing a commercial vehicle company

Negligent drivers often cause these accidents. In these circumstances a victim can pursue a personal injury lawsuit against that individual driver, but even winning that case may not be enough to fully compensate for the damages suffered. That’s why victims of these kinds of wrecks need to consider taking legal action against that negligent driver’s employer, too.

Despite the 2020 holiday travel season in Maryland and across the nation being radically different than normal, concerns remain about motor vehicle accidents. The most frequent risks of road travel are drivers who are under the influence, reckless drivers, distracted drivers and drowsy drivers. These problems are exacerbated during the holiday season regardless of the circumstances. Since the roads may be emptier, drivers could be tempted to push the envelope. Accidents can cause serious injuries and fatalities. People who have been impacted by a crash and its aftermath should understand what steps to take to pursue compensation.

Law enforcement begins campaign to find at-risk drivers

In Maryland, state police officers will be out in force over the holidays to find drivers who are driving while impaired, distracted, aggressive or are committing other risky behaviors on the road. They will be warned, cited and arrested, depending on the violation. Set to continue through New Year’s Day, the goal is to improve safety for those who will be on the road even with the ongoing health concerns that have changed plans for many throughout the U.S.

Buckle up, Maryland! As the annual celebration of what many call the holiday season kicks off, so does the annual rise in serious crashes. Experts offer many explanations for the increase in car accidents. Increased instances of DUI, less daylight, inclement weather conditions, and even deer and other animals moving on roadways may explain the spike. No matter how prepared a motorist may feel, being injured in an auto accident can be an overwhelming experience. 

There are some pointers that can help a victim who has been injured in a serious crash. First, check for damage and injuries. Make sure to call for emergency assistance as soon as possible. Even if a victim is unsure if he or she has suffered a serious injury, it may be a good idea to seek medical attention because some injuries are not immediately apparent. Try to record or document any details that may be helpful for medical professionals, investigators, or legal proceedings by getting as much information about other drivers and vehicles involved in the crash as is feasible for an injured victim.

A victim should prioritize physical and mental recovery. Many victims find it helpful to lean on friends, family or a mental health professional when dealing with the suffering that often follows a crash. A victim who is ready to think about legal action may want to reach out to an experienced attorney. 

After a hot and dry summer, Maryland residents are welcoming the crisp arrival of fall. As the days grow shorter and the light begins to fade, drivers should take extra caution to watch for pedestrians in or near the roadway. Recently, an accident investigation was launched after a pedestrian was killed by a vehicle.

According to breaking local news, a vehicle struck a man near the small town of Williamsport, Maryland, in the early evening hours of Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2020. Personal details about the victim have not been released, but law enforcement was able to confirm that the victim was an adult male. Police have launched an accident investigation in an attempt to establish the facts of the crash.

The road where the victim was killed was closed for several hours after the crash. More details are likely to be released after law enforcement has been able to positively identify the victim and notify his family members privately. Police are asking anyone who may have information about the crash to come forward. Law enforcement has not yet confirmed if the driver at fault has been identified or if they expect to file criminal charges against the driver.

When people are injured or killed in a Maryland accident, authorities must use evidence from the scene, witness statements, footage from traffic cameras and other reliable sources to try to determine the cause. In many cases, after a brief inquiry, it becomes clear what events led up to a crash and which party is at fault. In other instances, details may be elusive, and an in-depth accident investigation is necessary.

Recently, a two-vehicle crash left police and an interested public puzzled. At first, a statement claimed that four people had been killed. A short time later, more details emerged, and officials stated that two people in one involved vehicle had died, but the one person in the second vehicle suffered no injuries at all. 

Interestingly, the uninjured driver was transported to a local hospital anyway. Though the reason for this has not been confirmed, it is not unusual for police to send a driver to the hospital for a toxicology screen. This type of testing can determine if a person was under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any other substance that may have impaired a driver, thus leading to a serious crash. 

Bars and restaurants are opening back up in Maryland, and residents who were stuck at home for months are excited to visit both old and new establishments. Patrons must remember that, when visiting a bar or restaurant, they should limit the amount of alcohol they consume or arrange for a designated driver. A recent hit-and-run death may have been alcohol-related, and a surprising witness may be able to provide key evidence. 

Police rushed to the scene after receiving multiple reports of a pedestrian being struck by a car. They found a Maryland man with serious injuries laying nearby. He was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment, but doctors were unable to save him, and he was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. 

Police began to investigate, and the next morning, a surprising witness thought he may be able to help. The caller explained that he may have been in the very vehicle that struck the victim. He identified the driver and said both he and the driver had been drinking and were on the way to another bar. The passenger said he thought the vehicle may have hit something, but after checking the outside of the vehicle for damage, the driver did not seem concerned. The driver was apprehended and now faces criminal charges.

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