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Car accident injuries can fall anywhere on the spectrum of severity. While a lot of people are able to walk away from their accidents with nothing more than some scrapes and a story to tell, others are left with severe injuries that are life altering. For those in the latter group, merely living day-to-day life can be a struggle. But there’s hope for those who are living with a disability caused by a car accident. We hope that this post will help shed some provide some tips on how to move forward after suffering a disabling injury.

Living with a disability

Living with a disability is hard, regardless of the steps you take to make it easier. However, there are things that you can do to try to make life a little bit easier. Here are some of them:

Fall is in full swing, and many Maryland residents are finding ways to enjoy the outdoors before cold weather sets in. Riding a 4-wheeler or dirt bike can be fun, but riders should always take care to follow laws and wear a helmet. Though such vehicles are typically for recreational driving, a crash can result in a serious injury that is anything but fun. 

Recently, two men were riding dirt bikes on a paved road in a Maryland neighborhood. One of the drivers also had a female passenger on board. The bikers collided, and a horrific crash left both men seriously injured. The female passenger died as a result of her injuries. 

Police say that an investigation is underway and may result in the discovery of evidence that could lead to criminal charges against one or both of the drivers. As they continue to gather information and speak to witnesses, they will try to determine the cause of the crash. If injuries were caused by the actions of a specific party, the victim, or representative of a victim’s estate in the event of death, may want to look into options for legal recourse. 

Maryland residents probably recall recent headlines about a residential gas explosion that caused death, horrific injuries and substantial damage to personal property. Now, in what seems an unfathomable turn of events, an eerily similar explosion occurred in Northwest Baltimore. Authorities on the scene reported that multiple victims suffered serious injury. 

The explosion is currently under investigation. The gas utility company that services the affected property stated that there was no reason to suspect that the utility company could have prevented the explosion. Representatives say that property owners and customers are responsible for all equipment at the residence. According to the statement, there had been no indication of trouble, and there had been no emergency service calls to the property in over a year. 

The explosion rocked the quiet residential area, and the blast and subsequent fires destroyed or damaged several homes. At least five victims were seriously injured, including an expectant mother and two young children. Investigators are trying to determine what could have caused the explosion, and they have not yet determined what party will be held liable for the devastation. 

A few years ago, a Maryland couple’s lives changed forever when they were seriously injured by a gas explosion. The woman explains that she suffered a spinal chord injury that left her with a permanent disability and severely limited mobility. She is now attempting to adjust to her disability and help others in the process.

Immediately following her injury, the woman felt overwhelmed by being unable to complete tasks and movements that were once simple. With the help of her husband, she decided to find a way to move forward and learn to exercise despite her physical limitations. Now, the couple has decided to reach out to other victims who may be likewise afflicted, or persons who were born with a permanent disability.

With the help of trained professionals, the Maryland couple is offering exercise and wellness workshops for people who suffer from permanent disability. The program focuses on what a disabled individual can do, rather than what a disability hinders. The workshops teach exercises that a person can continue at home after completing the course, giving victims the ability to achieve a goal and try new things. 

When it comes to boating, Maryland has much to offer. Creeks and rivers crisscross the state, and the Chesapeake Bay creates plenty of opportunity for sports and recreation. Operating a boat is a big responsibility, and a person must have a safety certification before operating a boat in Maryland. Negligence on the part of a boat operator can result in injuries and legal trouble. 

Recently, the Maryland Natural Resource Police, tasked with patrolling the state’s waters and enforcing laws, cited a boat operator for negligence. The man had run a small boat into a buoy. According to reports, the buoy was lighted to help ensure visibility was not a problem for boaters. Upon impact, two people in the boat were injured. The victims were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

If a boat operator has shown negligence in Maryland, victims may want to explore options for legal recourse. A Maryland victim can reach out to an experienced attorney to get started. Recovery can be a long, expensive process.

When a motor vehicle accident occurs in the state of Maryland, a special investigation team dedicated to accident reconstruction may be called upon to determine the details and cause of the crash. Accident investigators can search for witnesses, gather clues from the scene, and use evidence from traffic or surveillance cameras to try to determine what happened. An accident reconstruction team is currently looking into a car accident that resulted in the death of a pedestrian. 

Investigators initially report that a man was attempting to cross the road when he was struck by a sedan. Police were able to identify the vehicle and the driver. The driver did not suffer any injuries as a result of the crash. 

The victim was not nearly as fortunate. He suffered serious injuries that resulted in death. Investigators are working hard to reconstruct the facts of the accident, and if the driver is determined to be at fault, the victim’s family may want to take legal recourse. 

This summer has certainly been a hot one, and with many pools and parks still closed or operating at a limited capacity, Maryland residents have flocked to the state’s waters in record numbers. Boating is a popular pastime, but safety is key, especially when there are many boats, jet skis and tubes in one area. A boating accident can result in serious injury or even death. 

The Department of Natural Resources, commonly referred to as DNR, is investigating a boating accident in which a Maryland man lost his life. According to reports, a large power boat ran into a much smaller jon boat. The two people on the small boat were thrown overboard from the impact. 

Passengers on the larger boat were able to rescue one of the victims and pull him in board their vessel, which sustained no damage in the collision. They were unable to locate the second victim, however. A search team and divers later found the victim’s lifeless body in the water. DNR is now launching a full investigation into the accident. 

Maryland residents were recently shocked when news reports surfaced about a residential explosion that killed two, caused serious injuries to others, and reduced homes and belongings to rubble. Early reports confirmed that a utility gas explosion rocked a Baltimore neighborhood. Now, investigators are trying to determine if another party is responsible because of negligence or error. 

The company that provides the gas service to the neighborhood was quick to say that they looked into the explosion and concluded that there was no negligent behavior, like faulty equipment or improper installation, that could have caused several homes to combust. Investigators say that it will be impossible to determine who is at fault until a more thorough investigation concludes. The state of Maryland requires a report to be made within thirty days, but sources within the investigation say that a fully informed conclusion may take months. 

In the meantime, the victims may feel like their whole lives are upside-down. Several families must now deal with grief as they mourn their lost loved ones. They must also deal with lasting pain and suffering due to serious physical injury, emotional trauma, and the loss of personal property. Once a thorough investigation determines who is at fault, the victims may choose to take legal action. 

Americans love theme parks, and each summer, Maryland families set out for an adventure at one of the hundreds of parks that dot the nation. Offering rides, over-the-top food and stage-quality shows, Dollywood has been a favorite amusement park for generations. The park is a charming throwback to a bygone era, but it may now be showing signs of negligence in light of recent personal injury reports

Most recently, local news outlets reported that three patrons had suffered injuries while visiting Dollywood. Often, people are injured on a ride at an amusement park, but this incident was different. According to reports, a large sign fell without warning and landed on three patrons walking below. 

The park’s emergency staff responded, but the victims suffered injuries so severe that they had to be transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. Park representatives say they are cooperating with a police investigation and were not able to offer any explanation as to the cause of the incident. The attraction where the sign was located has been temporarily shut down, but the rest of the park is operating as usual. 

Maryland residents were getting a bit stir-crazy, and now that things are beginning to reopen and summer has just begun, many families may be making travel plans. This time of year, staying at a hotel or resort with a nice pool can be a bonus. Parents do their best to reach their children about safety before visiting a pool, but what if the pool area itself is unsafe for visitors? A recent headline depicts a terrible scenario of personal injury.

According to preliminary reports, a father and son were enjoying some time in the pool at a resort when disaster struck. The wind kicked up, and an umbrella from a poolside table came loose and flew into the pool. It struck the man and his young son, who is believed to be about three years old. 

The man and his son were taken to a nearby hospital for medical treatment. The last update says the pair is in stable condition. An injury like this can quickly end a much-needed vacation and may be especially traumatic for a small child. 

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