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Annapolis Field Sobriety Test Attorney

Driving under the influence ( DUI) charges are serious. Like most states, Maryland is becoming increasingly aggressive in legislating, policing and prosecuting drunk driving violations. However, there are often problems with the arrest and other police procedures that could present an opportunity in your defense. Field sobriety tests are one of the most important areas to look for police mistakes that could improve your defense.

At Joel L. Katz, L.L.C., our experienced Annapolis field sobriety test lawyers have more than 125 years of combined legal experience. We can use police errors in the field sobriety tests to reduce your charges or minimize the penalties you face.

Official Field Sobriety Tests

The three primary field sobriety tests are:

  • Walk and turn: This test involves walking in a straight line, turning 180 degrees and walking back along the same line.
  • One-leg stand: As the name suggests, the one-leg stand involves standing and balancing on one leg for an extended period of time without falling or stumbling.
  • Horizontal gaze nystagmus: The horizontal gaze nystagmus is an eye test of sorts. The driver must watch the officer’s finger as he or she moves it from side to side in front of the driver’s face. In this test, the officer is examining nystagmus, which is the amount of jerking of the eyes while following an object. Supposedly, this jerking of the eyeballs is more pronounced when someone is intoxicated.

Problems With The Field Sobriety Tests

All three of these official tests, as well the nonofficial tests that police use, are problematic in numerous ways. The conditions under which the tests are conducted, including high traffic levels, uneven ground and other distracting circumstances, can seriously alter the results against the driver. Further, some of these tests are inherently difficult. Many people without a drop of alcohol in their systems would have trouble passing these tests, especially if they suffer from any physical disabilities or limitations.

Our lawyers have a wealth of experience. We can challenge sobriety tests with the district attorney and at trial. We can expose their weaknesses and problems with the administration of the tests to improve your case.

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