Accidents on Maryland Route 50 and Route 404

Our Maryland Law Firm Can Represent You After a Crash on Maryland Route 50 or Route 404

Whether you live on the Eastern Shore or travel Route 50 and Route 404 on the way to the beach, both highways are prime examples of accident-prone roadways in Maryland. Traffic congestion, weather conditions or human error may trigger crashes.Joel L. Katz, L.L.C., has successfully represented people injured on these and other highways throughout the Eastern Shore region of Maryland and elsewhere. We often take on challenging cases. We aggressively fight for our clients’ rights to full and fair compensation and we can guide you in obtaining the medical treatment you need after you are involved in an accident.

Determining the cause of a motor vehicle accident is half the battle on the road to maximizing recovery for an injured person. The same is true for surviving family members preparing to file a wrongful death claim after a fatal crash. Proving how an auto or truck accident occurred on Route 50 or Route 404 can open the door to compensation from liable parties and/or their insurers. Just as important, you must receive medical treatment which properly addresses all the injuries you have suffered. Our firm can direct you in obtaining the medical treatment you need.

Insurers and other responsible parties may offer quick settlements after a rear-ender, head-on collision or multi-car accident on Route 50 or Route 404 in an attempt to avoid paying the full dollar value of a case. This is one reason that someone who was seriously injured as a driver or passenger in a car or truck or on a motorcycle — and immediate family members — should consult with a lawyer as soon as possible.

An attorney on your side can keep you informed of your rights and get an investigation underway to determine the cause of the crash, such as:

  • Another motorist’s error, such as an improper lane change, speeding or disregard of a traffic signal
  • Car or truck driver fatigue, distraction (texting, for example) or carelessness
  • Another driver’s poor reflexes due to consumption of drugs or alcohol

Any person or business responsible for circumstances leading to a crash may be held accountable to compensate an injured person. In rare cases, government entities may be responsible for accidents on Route 50 and Route 404, too, when poor signage or inadequate road maintenance is a factor.

Discovering Causes of Auto Accidents on Maryland Route 50 and Route 404 to Build Strong Injury Claims

A full analysis of injuries and negligence can pave the way to the compensation you need after suffering a head injury, broken bones, a spinal cord injury or loss of a loved one in a highway accident. The sooner an investigation begins, the more options there may be to achieve a successful outcome. Waiting too long to investigate or seek medical treatment can result in the loss of evidence. Call our motor vehicle accident law firm in Annapolis at (800) 966-5333 or send an email message without delay to schedule a free initial consultation.

Client Reviews
"Absolutely love me Katz and the team! They are truest amazing! Barbara was truly my life saver throughout the entire process! Once again thank you! You won’t be disappointed!” Alexandra B.
"We had an accident in MD in Aug of 2018. No one would even return our call at other Firms. Barbara M. at Mr. Katz’s office responded right away and got the ball rolling on my case. Very helpful and she stayed in constant contact until our case was resolved. I absolutely would recommend them to anyone who needs representation.” Will P.
"Mr Katz has handled my husband’s and my accident claims. We were both in serious motorcycle accidents and sustained multiple injuries. Mr Katz has worked hard to make sure that we get what we need. His team has made me feel like we are important and that they are here to take care of us. I would definitely recommend Mr Katz and his team for any legal needs.” Charlene J.
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