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Posts tagged "negligence"

Damages could be sought after Maryland car accidents

There are many dangers when traveling on the country's Interstate highway system. Other drivers can cause problems if they fail to demonstrate the level of vigilance required to maintain safe conditions. When additional factors are encountered, including construction or poor road conditions, it is necessary that all drivers are constantly aware of traffic conditions and adjust their speed accordingly. Failure to do so could lead to serious, even fatal, car accidents. For example, a tragic accident in Maryland recently took the lives of a wife and husband.

Charges in Anne Arundel car accidents could support civil claim

There are many factors in operating a motor vehicle on Maryland roadways that could negatively impact safety. For example, congestion on a road could unexpectedly slow traffic. Due to the relative lack of predictability, drivers must remain vigilant to avoid serious car accidents. An accident in Anne Arundel, allegedly caused by a driver who failed to reduce his speed during traffic congestion, resulted in criminal charges recently.

Maryland car accidents could lead to civil case

Accidents happen. Unfortunately, car accidents can happen at any place at any time of the day. Apparently, fatal car accidents can happen even when there is no driver in the car. One accident in Maryland allegedly caused by a car with no driver could potentially lead to civil litigation after a woman was killed.

Fatal Maryland accident could be due to truck driver negligence

Some people spend so much time traveling they sometimes become complacent about safety. In order to maintain personal safety and the safety of others, it is imperative that all drivers remain constantly vigilant. This is especially the case for drivers of commercial vehicles as truck driver negligence can have devastating consequences. The family of one Maryland woman is all too aware of this after a fatal accident involving a box truck took her life.

Maryland man suffered serious injuries in a truck accident

Many people are involved in motor vehicle accidents every week. These accidents range in severity from minor to serious. For many, their worst fear would be involvement in an accident that leaves them trapped in a burning car. One Maryland man, who suffered serious injuries in a truck accident, remains hospitalized after such an accident.

Toddler's death spurs medical malpractice suit

Everyone who has undergone a medical procedure, even a procedure that is relatively minor, typically must sign certain disclosures about risks. While medical professionals make it clear that there is almost always the potential for unintended consequences, few people in Maryland expect that a routine procedure could lead to death. Unfortunately, the death of a small child undergoing what her parents likely believed to be a relatively routine dental procedure resulted in her death and a medical malpractice suit.

Maryland car accidents can result in financial difficulty

Driving or riding in a car is an activity in which the vast majority of Americans participate. Because it is such a common activity, it is easy to overlook the potential risks. For example, even what most people would consider safe maneuvers could cause car accidents that result in death or serious injuries. One driver's recent attempt to make a u-turn in Maryland has resulted in the death of one and injury to three others.

Maryland car accidents: Wrong way collision leads to fatality

The majority of drivers assume that they need to watch out for drivers behind them, beside them and possibly in front of them. However, most do not consider the possibility of a driver coming towards them in the same lane of traffic. When this does occur, car accidents are the likely result. Such an accident recently occurred on I-70 in Maryland.

Maryland car accidents: 1 dead, 3 hurt when pickup slams car

There are many good drivers on the road. Often, even the most experienced and careful drivers are completely unable to avoid car accidents when, for example, one car unexpectedly swerves into the lane of another. According to police reports, an accident similar to this in Maryland resulted in one man's death and the serious injury of three others.

Anne Arundel motorcycle accidents: Recent crash due to texting?

The dangers of texting while driving have become common knowledge over the last few years. As a result, most states have enacted some sort of law to limit this form of distracted driving. The hope is that such action will reduce the number of car and motorcycle accidents. One young Anne Arundel woman, who was involved in a fatal car accident, will now be prosecuted under a new law that bans texting while driving.

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