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Posts tagged "negligence"

Maryland car accidents: 1 dead, 2 hurt in Severin crash

Most people are aware of their mortality. However, most relatively young people who do not engage in risky behaviors likely do not expect that their death is imminent. Unfortunately, car accidents in Maryland can quickly take or drastically change the life of an individual who was completely unable to prevent the accident. A recent Maryland accident caused one fatality and resulted in injuries to two others.

Maryland car accidents involving high speeds can be fatal

There are many different traffic laws in place intended to protect each person's safety. While it is often tempting to ignore some of these, especially the speed limit, such an act can lead to serious, even fatal, car accidents. For example, one person was recently killed and another seriously injured in a car accident in Maryland.

Maryland woman dies after being struck while riding a motorcycle

There are many things that motorists should consider when they are traveling on Maryland roadways. For example, there are many unexpected encounters resulting from those who use the roadways in ways other than the traditional motor vehicle, such as pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists. As a result, drivers must remain vigilant. In an accident that is being described as resulting from a failure to yield the right of way, one woman has died after being struck while riding a motorcycle.

Med student struck while riding a motorcycle in Maryland

A person's death is always a loss to someone. However, that loss seems much more tragic when it comes unexpectedly and as a consequence of an accident that could have likely been prevented. The family of a fourth-year medical school student is grieving his death after he was recently struck while riding a motorcycle in Maryland.

Facts regarding motorcycle accidents for Maryland cyclists

There are many motorcyclists in Maryland who are dedicated to their bikes. For many, motorcycles are not only a form of transportation that could potentially cut down on the consumption of nonrenewable resources, but also a cherished hobby. Unfortunately, statistics suggest that motorcycle accidents may be more dangerous than accidents involving passenger cars.

Family claims medical malpractice, negligence led to man's death

The marvels of modern medicine are truly astounding. People are starting to live longer lives thanks, in part, to medical intervention. However, some people in Maryland are all too aware of the potential for human error causing serious health issues in the medical profession. One out-of-state family, for example, recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit, claiming that the negligence of medical care providers at a rehabilitation center led to their loved one's death.

Lawsuit claims medical malpractice caused woman's death

Whenever a violent storms hits, Maryland residents might wonder if they will lose power. In a circumstance such as this, people are generally fairly understanding when electricity is lost. However, people might be less understanding if the outage came in the middle of an invasive medical procedure, and as a result of the facility's failure to maintain its building. Recently, a medical malpractice lawsuit claims that a woman died as a result of a power failure that occurred in the middle of her heart surgery.

Man injured in a motorcycle accident flown to Maryland hospital

When the weather is warm, more people take advantage of the outdoors by spending time at the pool or engaging in other outdoor activities. Warmer weather can also impact a person's mode of transportation. For example, many people will choose to walk or ride a motorcycle. As a result, those in more traditional motor vehicles must be sure to exercise caution in order to avoid a serious accident. In a recent incident in Maryland, police believe a man may have been injured in a motorcycle accident due to the actions of another driver.

Medical malpractice case results in multi-million dollar award

Every winter, thousands of people flock to their doctor's office with the dreaded winter cold. Many of these people complain of a sore throat and get tested for strep throat. While the test for the bacteria that causes this illness is uncomfortable, many people in Maryland do not realize the true hazard of leaving such an ailment untreated. The dangers of doing so have been brought to light after an out-of-state medical malpractice case resulted in a $25 million award.

Anne Arundel drunk driving car accidents can cause serious injury

With the number of public service announcements and other efforts made to educate the public about the dangers of consuming alcohol and getting behind the wheel of a car, it is nearly impossible for a driver to be unaware of the dangers. However, drunk driving car accidents still happen. One such accident in Anne Arundel, allegedly caused by a drunk driver, has put two bicyclists in the hospital.

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