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Posts tagged "car accidents"

Maryland car accidents: 1 dead, 3 hurt when pickup slams car

There are many good drivers on the road. Often, even the most experienced and careful drivers are completely unable to avoid car accidents when, for example, one car unexpectedly swerves into the lane of another. According to police reports, an accident similar to this in Maryland resulted in one man's death and the serious injury of three others.

Fear of car accidents may deter Anne Arundel bicyclists

In recent years, it seems that the idea of using a bicycle as a primary source of transportation has become increasingly popular in this country. The benefits are obvious -- it is better for the environment, provides exercise and reduces transportation costs. However, several well-publicized car accidents have recently made Anne Arundel bicyclists concerned about their safety while on the road.

Speed, alcohol contribute to Maryland car accidents

There are many unavoidable accidents. However, it is rare that people involved in car accidents are following the rules of the road with no distractions. For example, many accidents can be traced back to a distracted driver, reckless driving or driving under the influence. Unfortunately in many of these accidents, people who are completely innocent of these trespasses are frequently victims. A recent accident in Maryland has caused the serious injury of two drivers, and police suspect the rules of the road were not being followed at the time.

Unlicensed drivers in Maryland cause car accidents

Many people await the day when they are finally able to get their learner's permit. Unfortunately, these inexperienced drivers often have a large amount to learn before they are able to drive unattended. As a result, Maryland has regulations in place restricting the driving of those who only have learner's permits in an attempt to limit or prevent car accidents. In a recent case, authorities allege that a male who should not have been driving unsupervised crashed into a local cell phone store.

Financial help for pedestrians injured in Maryland car accidents

As summer is winding down, students are preparing to return to school. Unfortunately one rising freshman in a Maryland community will likely be spending the opening days of school recovering in the hospital instead of catching up with classmates. While his family is likely happy the teenager survived a potentially fatal car accident, they are likely wondering how they will afford the mound of medical bills that will likely result from his treatment. Fortunately, those injured in car accidents such as the one that caused this teenager’s injuries have the option of seeking legal recourse in the form of financial compensation.The incident occurred in late August. The 14-year-old male was attempting to cross the street when he was struck by a vehicle. Although he is recovering from severe head trauma, he is expected to survive.Currently, no charges have been filed as a result of the accident as the investigation is likely ongoing. However, one witness stated that the driver of the car was speeding at the time of the incident. According to officials, the area is known to be busy and somewhat dangerous.Anyone who has received care in a hospital for even minor procedures know hospital visits are expensive. The kind of care required for an extended stay with treatment for head trauma will likely result in many extremely high medical bills. Additionally, his parents may need to take leave from work as they assist with their son’s recovery. Victims, or the families of victims, of car accidents such as this can file a case in a Maryland civil court in order to seek relief from the financial pressures of such a situation. If they can prove the teenager’s injuries were a result of the driver’s negligence, they may be eligible to receive compensation for his medical bills and related damages, as well as lost wages as a result of missed work while they care for him.

Car accidents create medical bills for injured in Maryland

Football is a major pastime in this country. Even months before the football season starts, people begin preparing with countdowns to the first game and parades in celebration of the local professional team. It is a time associated with fun, food and excitement. However, football will likely remind one Maryland family of the severe injury that their daughter received as she participated in preseason activities. As car accidents tend to do, this family has been left with several medical bills.

Car accidents in Annapolis can cause injury to diners

When the weather warms, more people take advantage of a restaurant's outdoor dining option. It allows diners to enjoy the benefits of restaurant dining while still enjoying the outdoors. However, one woman in Annapolis might think twice before she chooses to eat outside again after an accident left her seriously injured. With an increasing awareness of these types of car accidents, more and more people may opt to decline dining outdoors.

Tow-truck driver knocked over wall in Jones Falls SUV accident

Anyone who has driven on the Jones Falls Expressway in Baltimore will find it easy to imagine the kind of auto accident that recently sent a tow-truck driver over the edge of the guard rail and into the water. The breakdown lanes on that stretch of road are narrow, and it's been noted that police officers are reluctant to stop vehicles there because of safety concerns.

Wrong-way crashes a scourge in Maryland

Medical malpractice, workers' compensation and auto accidents -- these are the legal topics that we'll discuss each week on this blog, which we started as a way of sharing stories with readers in the Annapolis area. If you have injury-related concerns, then you may want to return to this blog every so often to learn about issues that are relevant to Maryland law.

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