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Posts tagged "Motor Vehicle Accidents"

Two road construction workers struck by drunk driver

After closing one lane on a highway in the state, two road construction workers sustained injuries in an accident. The two men were placing cones along the lane when a woman allegedly drove into that lane and hit them. The woman is suspected of being a drunk driver. 

Maryland man learns fate after drunk driving accident

Enjoying an evening out with friends is a common occurrence for many people. Some will designate a driver to ensure they make it to their intended destinations once the party is over. Others underestimate how inebriated they truly are and decide to get behind the wheel, putting not only their lives but the lives of others at risk. One Maryland man has recently learned his fate when his negligent choice lead to the death of a woman in a drunk driving accident.

Car accident investigation continues in Maryland

Early morning car accidents are often deadly. Many drivers out at predawn or very late hours of the evening do not often face an overabundance of other motorists on the road. The lack of distraction that other vehicles can cause may make some drivers use excessive speed, consume alcohol or illegal substances, or demonstrate less precaution while behind the wheel. The lack of concentration can lead to life altering car crashes. One such wreck has Maryland police continuing their car accident investigation after an early morning incident claimed a life.

Accidents involving drunk driver increase on July 4

With the Fourth of July holiday approaching, many in Maryland are making plans for fun and exciting celebrations. Some may plan to attend the parade and fireworks in Annapolis, and others may be crossing the Bay Bridge heading to the shore. Certainly, these events will include music, summer foods and beverages, and very good friends to make the celebration complete. Unfortunately, for some, the celebration will end with a motor vehicle accident caused by a drunk driver.

Maryland doctor and rising singer dies in car accident

Those working in the medical field are subjected to abnormally high rates of stress. Couple the stress with lack of sleep from long shifts, and the combination can lead to unfortunate outcomes, especially while driving. A Maryland doctor lost his life in a recent car accident.

Drug use in Maryland leads to car accident death

No state in America is free from the scathing after effects of the drug epidemic which is sweeping the nation. People from all walks of life have been found in possession or under the influence of an illegal substance. What is more chilling for Maryland residents is the uptick of recent fatalities due to the rise of such leisure activities. A local woman was recently sentenced from a car accident that killed a newlywed couple last year on Valentine's Day.

Police say Maryland auto accident caused by negligent driver

Anticipating the day that one can drive to school or take a first drive alone can be exhilarating. Earning that badge of honor that comes in the form of a drivers license is a privilege that many young American teenagers can't wait to earn. But with the license comes a tremendous amount of responsibility. Young Maryland drivers should understand the importance of good driving habits and the devastating effects a negligent driver can have for others out on the road.

Warmer Maryland weather increases likelihood of an auto accident

As the weather warms up, so does the traffic on busy Maryland streets and once-quiet back roads. Longer days and summer breaks from school have most out enjoying the warmth and company of friends who, during the cold wintery months, might not have had so much free time. With more people out and on the roads, the likelihood of an auto accident occurring increases. Even the most experienced drivers are not exempt.

Head-on collision in Maryland sends 6 to hospital

A three-day holiday weekend is often a cause for celebration. The reprieve from work for one additional day seems to put even the most disgruntled employees in a chipper mood. But as with any social festivities, caution should be taken when heading out on Maryland roads. The number of auto accidents increase when more people are out, young drivers take to the road and alcohol is thrown into the mix. Six local teens and their families are reeling after a recent head-on collision sent the teenagers to the hospital.

Multi-car accident injures baby, teen, child and 4 adults

A multi-car accident caused serious injuries to several individuals, including a baby, a child and a teenager. The wreck took place in Germantown, Maryland, where one car crashed into six others. The other vehicles were all stopped at a traffic light when the first one came busting through. The car accident proved to be an especially damaging one.

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