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motor vehicle accidents Archives

Suspected fatigued driver loses life in a Maryland car accident

Life in Maryland has become a screaming blur of all of the things that one has done during the day and still has yet to accomplish. The stress and demands of everyday life can wear down even those who thrive on deadlines and due dates. Sometimes, getting behind the wheel to drive somewhere is the only chance some get to take a much needed rest from tasks. This reprieve can lead to an emotional let down, which then tires the mind and body. While driving a vehicle, the release can be deadly, causing a car accident and putting everyone on the road in danger.

2 killed in Maryland drunk driving accident

Two people have been killed and several others injured in a fiery accident that took place a couple of weeks ago. According to a preliminary investigation, the crash was a drunk driving accident which could have been prevented. While six people were able to escape the crash with just injuries, two lost their lives on a Maryland road that night. The wreck occurred when a Suburban carrying six people crashed into the back of a Jeep with two people in it.

Maryland city government to settle 2 auto accident cases

Maryland residents are offered wonderful and much needed services such as trash removal, mail delivery, street cleanup and road repairs from the city or county in which they live. In Baltimore, city workers have many responsibilities with regard to community upkeep, and they are trained to be vigilant while out performing these essential jobs. Even with the best of care, accidents can happen. Reportedly, the city is set to approve settlement agreements regarding two separate auto accident claims.

Maryland man pleads guilty in car accident that kills 5

Driving under the influence in Maryland has led to many car accidents and fatalities. Those who operate a vehicle while intoxicated put their lives and the lives of others in grave danger. Drivers who operate a vehicle while under the influence have slowed reflexes and are often distracted or simply unaware of their surroundings. A family who has suffered the unthinkable will hopefully find some peace as the driver of the vehicle that caused a car accident that took the lives of several family members goes to court.

Car accident involving a Maryland Transit Authority bus

When driving Maryland roads, either for pleasure or for work, the roads can be a dangerous place. Road construction and other drivers all play a part in making the operation of a motor vehicle a task that requires complete concentration. A car accident can occur at any time and at any place and can be a minor fender bender or a tragedy that seriously injures or fatally wounds drivers or their passengers. Recently, a passenger in a car was seriously injured when the vehicle in which he was riding struck the side of a bus.

Alcohol use suspected in Maryland car accident

Legislators and police work hard to ensure that the right traffic laws are put into place and observed to keep drivers safe. Most motorists are diligent and cautious when cruising the Maryland roads. Some motorists  make the deadly mistake of operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Two Maryland residents recently lost their lives in a car accident where alcohol is a suspected factor.

Motorcyclist dies in recent Maryland auto accident

The damage that car accidents in Maryland cause may range from the minor fender benders to the devastating high-speed, multi-car pileups. If a motorist is killed in an auto accident and the victim's loved ones decide to file a legal claim, this kind of claim is governed by the law of negligence. That is, motorists must exercise reasonable care under the circumstances, and a failure to do so may be considered negligence.

Recent Maryland auto accident kills 1 pedestrian

The damage that car accidents in Maryland cause may range from the minor fender benders to the devastating multi-car pileups. Personal injury and wrongful death claims concerning an auto accident are governed by the law of negligence. That is, motorists must exercise what is referred to as reasonable care under the circumstances. A failure to do so typically constitutes negligence.

Recent Maryland car accident kills 2, injures another

The damage that Maryland car accidents cause range from the minor fender benders to devastating high-speed multi-car pileups. When serious injuries or deaths occur, legal claims in relation to a car accident are governed by the laws of negligence. Motorists must exercise reasonable care under the circumstances, and a failure to do so typically constitutes negligence.

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