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Medical Malpractice Archives

Medical professional negligence not accepted in Maryland

Elective surgery, for whatever reason, has become a viable option for many who are not happy with their appearances. These procedures can be very expensive, invasive and often require more than one visit. Finding a Maryland practitioner who is not only in good standing professionally but also skilled, can sometimes be harder than one might think. Many patients will turn to a doctor only to find that they are left dealing with serious complications from medical professional negligence.

Maryland nursing homes are not exempt from medical malpractice

Placing a loved one into a nursing care facility is never a choice that many consider lightly. Although many Maryland nursing homes and assisted living facilities provide good care, problems and neglect still exist in some. Those who have suffered or watched a loved one suffer at the hands of a staff or facility that has been compensated and trusted to provide adequate care and compassion to a family member could seek damages in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Medical malpractice can devastate Maryland families

The relationship between a doctor and patient is one of trust and respect. The patient trusts that the doctor will do everything within his or her to handle the patient's medical care with knowledge, information and continued observation. The medical provider respects the patients wishes and rights not only as a patient, but also as a person, and seeks to provide the best all around care possible. When the trust is broken or the respect is lost, the relationship breaks down as does the care provided. Maryland doctors who do not follow procedure and observe patient care can find themselves in the throws of a medical malpractice lawsuit

Common reasons that people file medical malpractice suits

On occasion, an individual may find it necessary to consider whether to pursue a medical malpractice claim against a physician. It is not an easy decision, but at times a person has no choice but to do so in order to address the financial hardships that a medical mistake has caused. Whether it be from a failure to diagnose, medication errors or other forms of medical malpractice, this is an issue which many people in Maryland and across the country face each year.

Misdiagnosis can be fatal for Marylanders

Being a single parent in Maryland is not unusual, but that doesn't make it any easier. Raising children has gotten tougher, even for parents who are doing it together. Providing the sole income for the family and being the sole provider of love and physical care can be draining on the best of days. When a mother is also battling deadly cancer due to a misdiagnosis, the weight of being a single parent weighs far more heavily.

Injured by a doctor's negligence? Do this first

Imagine going into the hospital for a routine procedure. It should have been a simple tonsillectomy, a quick procedure with only very little risk. Unfortunately, something went terribly wrong and a nurse administered the wrong medication. The side effects were severe and now you are facing a permanent disability due to a brain injury caused by the medication.

Maryland residents need not fear medical malpractice claims

To become a Maryland licensed medical doctor, one needs to receive a significant amount of education. Along with the rigorous academia comes the endless hours of internship and research. This alone should turn away many who do not have the heart to practice patient-centered care. When a trained doctor takes advantage of title and patient trust and uses the position to defraud insurance companies, misdiagnose and perform erroneous surgeries, a medical malpractice lawsuit could be soon to follow.

Empty pockets for some Maryland medical malpractice claimants

When one is considering a surgery, whether elective or medically necessary, one question that rarely comes up between patient and doctor is that of insurance coverage -- on the doctors part. A bill that was set before Maryland state lawmakers has made its way to the House for consideration. Senate Bill 195 will help a patient know whether or not his or her doctor or a doctor under consideration is insured. The bill proposed would require doctors practicing in the state of Maryland to tell the Maryland Board of Physicians whether they have medical malpractice insurance and that information must be made available on their public profiles. The bill was proposed by a father and son who lost a wife and mother in what they say should have been a simple surgery.

Failure to diagnose a costly mistake

With medical care in the United States ranking among the top in the world, there is almost never any doubt when deciding to take a loved one to a medical professional when they are not feeling well. A quick trip to a Maryland doctor often provides a medical diagnosis and sometimes even a prescription for medication to help cure what ails. But what happens when there is a failure to diagnose?

Veteran files medical malpractice suit against VA hospital

Every day in Maryland and elsewhere, countless numbers of people trust doctors with their health and lives. That is a reasonable assumption, as physicians and other health care professionals have a sworn duty to provide safe, accurate and ethical medical treatment for their patients. However, that does not always happen, and sometimes medical malpractice occurs as a result.

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