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Posts tagged "medical malpractice"

Doctor error in Maryland could have lasting impact on patients

Maryland residents seek the healing expertise of medical professionals when they are ailing. Going to the local emergency room when one is in immediate need of a physician is usually never given a second thought. But when hospital negligence or doctor error result in an adverse health outcome, or even in death, some may begin to question the knowledge and care given when making decisions of some in the medical field.

Maryland medical malpractice claims can cost doctors

Health care providers often need to refer a patient to a more specialized provider when presented with a case that proves to be a challenge. During the referral and patient monitoring process, it is expected that all records are shared and reviewed, and doctors follow-up on the patient. But many Maryland residents are finding that communication between them and their practitioners is breaking down, and the care provided is suffering. When such happens, doctors can find themselves facing a medical malpractice claim.

Medical malpractice in Marylan could be filed after death

Maryland mothers expecting a new baby often put a lot of research into baby furniture, car seats and the doctors they choose to help bring their little bundle of joy into the world. Bringing forth life into the world seems like such a common thing, and the advances in medical technology and well care have made advances by leaps and bounds. With the knowledge and insight we have into human medical needs and conditions, it is often a sad case when a practicing physician is charged with medical malpractice.

Medical mistakes in Maryland can leave veterans with no choice

Many Maryland doctors often have their practice or moonlight at their local Veterans Affairs Medical Center. By doing so, the doctors alleviate the need to carry their own medical malpractice insurance and payroll that can often run the doctor thousands of dollars. Sometimes, doctors will start out working with the VA and then venture out on their own. A recent investigation by USA Today apparently found that one center has been allowing doctors to quietly resign after repeated medical mistakes that have caused unnecessary pain and suffering for veterans.

Maryland paramedics can be charged with medical malpractice

Maryland families prepare for the arrival of a baby in many ways. Reviewing or implementing a will and updating life insurance policies may be just a few "must-do's" when expecting, next to setting up the nursery and picking out baby names. When a parent dies shortly after the birth of the child, the family can be left reeling and wondering why this happened.  A young mother's estate has finally been settled when a jury ruled in favor of a $6 million medical malpractice lawsuit after she lost her life7 days after the birth of her premature son.

Nurses charged in nursing home injury

Two nurses have been charged in another state after abuse was discovered in a nursing home. Reportedly, a patient suffered nursing home injury after the two nurses failed to properly care for the patient. While the incidents took place in another state, it is sadly a familiar tale in Maryland as well.

Hospital negligence and Veterans in Maryland

Most Maryland residents utilize the care of a hospital emergency room when the need is immediate and urgent. For Veterans, their local Veterans Affairs Hospital is where they are seen for routine check-ups, dental visits, prescription refills and urgent care. While these facilities are stationed across the nation to help meet the needs of those who have served their country, it appears that most of these centers are often lacking in properly trained staff and critical protocols that can save those in the most dire of circumstances. When patients suffer, hospital negligence can be claimed and lawsuits may be soon to follow.

A Maryland nursing home injury should be reported

Leaving an aging loved one, for whatever reasons, in the care of a Maryland nursing home can be a heartbreaking decision. Finding the assisted living facility that is the right fit for the loved one and making sure that insurance helps to cover some of the cost can be almost impossible. When everything lines up and the perfect match is found, knowing that one is leaving his or her family member in the capable and caring hands of a skilled, professional and caring staff can be a huge relief. Sometimes, what appears to be the best situation turns out to be a living nightmare, as a family learns that there has been a nursing home injury that was never reported.

Failure to diagnose can lead to death in cardiac arrest

Years of research and countless medical cases have provided the health care industry with research and data to have in place steps and procedures when it comes to diagnosing and treating heart conditions, including heart attacks. When a patient presents at a Maryland hospital with chest pains, shortness of breath, pain that radiates down the arm or uncontrollable sweating, most emergency room physicians will swing into quick action to prevent, diagnose and treat a heart attack. Recently, two doctors in another state reached a settlement with a family when the failure to diagnose a woman with a heart condition led to her death.

Medical professional negligence not accepted in Maryland

Elective surgery, for whatever reason, has become a viable option for many who are not happy with their appearances. These procedures can be very expensive, invasive and often require more than one visit. Finding a Maryland practitioner who is not only in good standing professionally but also skilled, can sometimes be harder than one might think. Many patients will turn to a doctor only to find that they are left dealing with serious complications from medical professional negligence.

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