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Workers' compensation possible after fatal fall

Millions of workers in this country report to work each day in order to support themselves and their families. While the vast majority of employers in Maryland go to great lengths to ensure that their employees are safe as they complete their work responsibilities, accidents still happen. These accidents can result in medical bills and lost wages. As a result, employers are required to provide workers' compensation coverage to their employees in the event of a workplace accident. One out-of-state family may qualify for such benefits after a fatal accident took the life of its loved one.

Worker injury puts man in intensive care

Accidents can happen at any point in time. However, employers in Maryland often go to extreme measures in order to ensure that their employees are safe while completing their job responsibilities. Despite these measures, accidents still happen, potentially placing employees and their families in a precarious financial situation. One out-of-state man suffering from a worker injury may face such a situation after being involved in a serious accident.

Workers' compensation likely for family of man killed at work

Workplace conditions have improved considerably over the course of the last century. These improvements may be due in part to organizations such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration that work to ensure all employers meet specific safety standards, for example. Unfortunately, accidents are still possible, prompting states such as Maryland to require employers to provide workers' compensation benefits for those injured or killed while on-the-job. The family of one out-of-state man will likely qualify for these benefits after he was killed at work.

What protections does the Longshore Harbor Workers Act provide?

The Chesapeake Bay is an important part of life in Maryland. It provides recreation and employment for many people in the state. Unfortunately, people have suffered from work-related injuries or even death as they performed their job duties while working on the waterways in Maryland. These people, or their loved ones in the event of a fatality, may qualify for insurance protection as required by the Longshore Harbor Workers Act.

Family of Caleb Bankston may qualify for workers' compensation

Many people in Maryland have tuned into the phenomenon of reality television. While each show may have its own unique format, many reality-based shows require contestants to undergo hardships that seem impossible to the average person, making many of the participants seem almost invincible. Unfortunately, the family of Caleb Bankston, a former contestant on one of these shows, is now grieving after his death in a workplace accident. Fortunately, his family may qualify for workers' compensation benefits to help with the costs associated with his death.

Incident at industrial plant leads to worker injury

There are many safeguards in place to protect workers in this country. In addition to laws assuring fair and equal treatment, there are standards in place to help prevent dangerous industrial accidents that could lead to serious injury or death. Because accidents could still occur despite these standards, states such as Maryland put additional measures in place, such as workers' compensation benefits, to help victims of a worker injury. Two out-of-state workers will likely benefit from this coverage after a scary accident left them both with burns.

OSHA investigates worker injury in Maryland

Many people do not realize the serious impact a workplace accident can have on an employee and his or her family. In addition to medical bills, he or she could face lost wages during the period of recovery. In some serious situations, workers are never able to return to work. However, there are financial options available. A worker injury in Maryland will likely cause one man to look into these options as he struggles to recover from a workplace accident.

Maryland family may qualify for workers' compensation

Almost all jobs involve some degree of risk. Even jobs that are seemingly completely safe could result in the need for treatment for injuries suffered on-the-job. In order to help workers and their families in the event of a workplace accident, states such as Maryland require most employers to provide workers' compensation benefits. The family of a man who was killed recently while working likely qualifies for such benefits.

Death of Maryland worker could lead to workers' compensation

Anyone who has driven on a state highway or interstate has likely noticed a state worker performing a job-related task near the road. In most circumstances, they complete their task without incident. However, in the event of an accident, the state of Maryland likely provides workers' compensation coverage for their employees. The family members of one employee may now qualify for such compensation after the death of their loved one in a tragic accident.

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