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Annapolis Breathalyzer Test Lawyer

Strong Criminal Defense

With driving under the influence ( DUI) charges, there is a lot at stake. You could be facing severe fines and a jail sentence, the loss of your good reputation in the community and a revoked or suspended license. In addition to the criminal trial, you will face an administrative process with the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) of Maryland to defend your right to drive. Critical to your defense is the Breathalyzer test, which is often the most important evidence as to whether a driver was, in fact, under the influence.

At Joel L. Katz, L.L.C., we have been providing strategic, aggressive criminal defense against DUI charges for more than 40 years. Our Annapolis Breathalyzer test attorneys can help you challenge a Breathalyzer test, fight for the best results possible in your criminal trial and represent you in your hearings with the MVA to defend your right to drive.

Problems With The Breathalyzer Test

In most cases, there are problems with the Breathalyzer tests that we can exploit to help our clients’ cases.

  • Technical problems: Although the police use these machines almost religiously, they are not perfect. Breathalyzers have some well-known technical problems and glitches, and certain factors such as chewing gum or eating before taking the test can skew the results.
  • Problems with administering the test: In some cases, the people administering the test make mistakes. Even if the Breathalyzer itself is in perfect working condition, it must be operated correctly for it to work correctly.
  • Procedural violations: It is common for police to commit errors and procedural/personal rights violations in the arrest and search and in the administration of the Breathalyzer test.

We will explore every available option for debunking the Breathalyzer test to keep you out of jail and defend your driving privileges.

Refusal Of Breathalyzer In Centreville

Under recent legislative changes in Maryland, failure to submit to a breath or blood test could result in the suspension of your license or installation of an ignition interlock device on your car for a length of time.

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