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Annapolis Drug Crime Attorney

Serious Defense Against Criminal Drug Charges

Serious risks and consequences are involved with criminal drug charges. If drugs are found in your car, the police can confiscate your car, along with cash and other assets that they claim to be involved with a crime. In addition to these seizures and the fines and jail time you could face with a conviction, you risk the loss of any professional licenses and a destroyed reputation.

At Joel L. Katz, L.L.C., we can help. With more than 40 years of legal experience, our lawyers can help you get the best results possible. We will work to avoid charges in the first place, and we focus on probation before judgment. We will explore the option of trial and extrajudicial options in your defense. Our Annapolis drug crime lawyers are committed to doing whatever we can to get you the results you need.

Drug Crime Defense In Maryland

We represent clients charged with drug crimes involving marijuana, cocaine, crack, methamphetamine, heroin and ecstasy, as well as the drug “Molly,” derived from some of the components used to create ecstasy. Molly has experienced a tremendous rise in popularity, and law enforcement is cracking down hard on this drug.

We defend clients against drug charges that include:

  • Possession of marijuana, cocaine or other illicit drugs
  • Possession with intent to sell
  • Sale of banned substances
  • Drug trafficking
  • Manufacture of meth or other drugs or cultivation of marijuana

Defending You

As your attorneys, we will do everything possible to minimize the damage that a drug charge can have on your life. First, we will examine the details of the search, seizure and arrest to determine if the police made any mistakes that could render the evidence inadmissible.

Absent any mistakes of this kind, we will explore any option for reduced or alternative sentencing, including drug treatment diversionary programs. While a treatment program is primarily valuable as a way to avoid extended prison time, the program itself can be tremendously helpful. Some people have turned their lives around and found a way out of drug addiction through diversionary programs.

We can also help you recover your car or other assets the police seized.

Contact Our Centreville Drug Possession Attorneys

We have 24-hour availability, so you can call when you need us, and we can meet you in jail or at the police station if needed. Call 410-841-5333 or 301-261-8858 (800-966-5333 toll free) or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation with a criminal defense lawyer.