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September 2017 Archives

Fatal Maryland workplace accidents and survivors benefits

Maryland employers are required to carry workers' compensation insurance. This insurance helps to provide financial assistance should an employee be injured or killed while working on the job. The benefits regarding workplace accidents apply whether the injury was the fault of the employee, the employer or another party. Also available through the program are survivors benefits, which are available to the victim's immediate family should the injury be fatal.

Medical expenses from a Maryland car accident may be reimbursed

Car accidents are often unexpected and can be very expensive. Car repairs of damaged vehicles can get extremely pricey and medical expenses incurred can be astronomical. Maryland residents who have been the victim or the cause of an auto accident may find themselves in need of an attorney to help recover the costs if applicable.  

Nurses charged in nursing home injury

Two nurses have been charged in another state after abuse was discovered in a nursing home. Reportedly, a patient suffered nursing home injury after the two nurses failed to properly care for the patient. While the incidents took place in another state, it is sadly a familiar tale in Maryland as well.

Survivors benefits through Maryland workers' compensation

Employer's and their workers understand the importance of safety on the job site. Many laws are in place to protect not only the employees but the companies and employers they work for. Should an on-the-job injury or fatality occur, the Maryland workers' compensation insurance program is in place to help families and injured employees bridge the financial gap that not being able to work due to a work-related injury can cause.

Hospital negligence and Veterans in Maryland

Most Maryland residents utilize the care of a hospital emergency room when the need is immediate and urgent. For Veterans, their local Veterans Affairs Hospital is where they are seen for routine check-ups, dental visits, prescription refills and urgent care. While these facilities are stationed across the nation to help meet the needs of those who have served their country, it appears that most of these centers are often lacking in properly trained staff and critical protocols that can save those in the most dire of circumstances. When patients suffer, hospital negligence can be claimed and lawsuits may be soon to follow.

Employers need to have a plan in event of workplace accidents

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration exists in order to ensure that workers are provided with a safe work environment. However, when serious workplace accidents occur, it is strongly recommended that employers have a plan in place to handle these often tragic events. While it would be ideal if every accident could be prevented, there are many Maryland residents who have suffered either an injury or illness caused by one's job.

Bizarre workplace accidents can lead to deaths in Maryland

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration dictates strict regulations to which business owners must comply in order to provide for a safe working environment. Even with the strictest of regulations and the most diligent of employers and workers, workplace accidents can still happen. When an employee is injured while working on the job, the Maryland workers' compensation program is available to help. 

Police say negligent driver responsible for Maryland crash

Whether driving for employment or personal errands, the highway can be a dangerous place. Road conditions, weather and other drivers are all factor that can make operating a motor vehicle a treacherous chore. A Maryland motorist is responsible for following all traffic laws. When a negligent driver disregards stop signs and traffic signals, the driver's life as well as the lives of other motorists are in danger.

Birth injuries due to negligence can disable a child for life

Expecting a child is often a wonderful and highly anticipated event for the parents and other family members. Preparations for the new arrival begin to take place almost immediately. Picking out baby names, nursery colors and choosing a doctor to see the family through the pregnancy and safely deliver the baby can be exciting and sometimes overwhelming. For some Maryland parents, labor and delivery can also bring unsettling news that everything is not well with the child. Understandably, new circumstances can present heavy physical and financial challenges, but learning that the child suffered avoidable birth injuries may further distress the family.

Maryland man charged in hit-and-run accident

Whether out driving on the roads for work or personal errands, behind the wheel can be a dangerous place. Road conditions, weather and the attentiveness of other drivers are factors that can sometimes make operating a vehicle a treacherous feat. When a motorist engages in erratic or careless actions, others out on the road are at risk. A Maryland man has been recently charged with drug trafficking and manslaughter after a hit\-and\-run accident that cost a woman her life.

Inappropriate training and Maryland workers' compensation

Every job has a certain amount of risk for injury associated with it. Injuries that can keep employees from completing their duties can range from mental issues to physical ailments, both which have the possibility of hampering one's ability to work or live a normal life. When a worker is injured while on the job, the Maryland workers' compensation program is available to help provide financial assistance.

A Maryland nursing home injury should be reported

Leaving an aging loved one, for whatever reasons, in the care of a Maryland nursing home can be a heartbreaking decision. Finding the assisted living facility that is the right fit for the loved one and making sure that insurance helps to cover some of the cost can be almost impossible. When everything lines up and the perfect match is found, knowing that one is leaving his or her family member in the capable and caring hands of a skilled, professional and caring staff can be a huge relief. Sometimes, what appears to be the best situation turns out to be a living nightmare, as a family learns that there has been a nursing home injury that was never reported.

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