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July 2017 Archives

Medical professional negligence not accepted in Maryland

Elective surgery, for whatever reason, has become a viable option for many who are not happy with their appearances. These procedures can be very expensive, invasive and often require more than one visit. Finding a Maryland practitioner who is not only in good standing professionally but also skilled, can sometimes be harder than one might think. Many patients will turn to a doctor only to find that they are left dealing with serious complications from medical professional negligence.

Maryland man learns fate after drunk driving accident

Enjoying an evening out with friends is a common occurrence for many people. Some will designate a driver to ensure they make it to their intended destinations once the party is over. Others underestimate how inebriated they truly are and decide to get behind the wheel, putting not only their lives but the lives of others at risk. One Maryland man has recently learned his fate when his negligent choice lead to the death of a woman in a drunk driving accident.

Maryland woman cited for negligence after driving into a home

People get hurt every day. Some of the actions behind the injury are the injured person's own fault. Lack of attention or sheer accident can lead to bumps and bruises and sometimes a trip to the emergency room. Other times,  these accidents are the result of the negligence of someone else. When a Maryland resident is seriously hurt by the actions of another, the outcome can be traumatic and expensive for the victim and their family.

Survivor workers' compensation benefits in Maryland

Maryland employees and their the companies they work for usually understand the importance of safety in the workplace. Many laws and guidelines are in place to protect not only the workers, but also the employers. Trainings are implemented to educate workers on how to spot and avoid injury. When a work related accident or death occurs, victims and their surviving families are covered under the workers' compensation benefits program. This program is in place to financially help workers when there is a loss of income resulting from the inability to work due to an on-the-job injury.

Maryland Farmers not exempt from workplace accidents

When one steps outside the hustle and bustle of the Maryland capital and its surrounding cities, the rolling farmlands that provide food to many tables throughout the state spread out before the eyes. The farmlands that produce the bountiful harvests also employee many farmhands year-round. These workers put in backbreaking, sweat-induced hours to take the food from farm to table. Sometimes, the weather conditions, as well as the inconsistency of animal behavior and malfunctioning equipment, can turn these serene settings in places prone to workplace accidents.

Maryland workers' compensation to cover the financial gap

Construction companies have many guidelines and procedures in place to ensure the safety of workers while on the job site. The best placed practices and procedures will often lead to a decrease in workplace injuries, but accidents can and do still happen. When an on-the job injury occurs, workers and their families have the benefit of the Maryland workers' compensation program to help shorten the financial gap the inability to bring home a pay check can create.

Car accident investigation continues in Maryland

Early morning car accidents are often deadly. Many drivers out at predawn or very late hours of the evening do not often face an overabundance of other motorists on the road. The lack of distraction that other vehicles can cause may make some drivers use excessive speed, consume alcohol or illegal substances, or demonstrate less precaution while behind the wheel. The lack of concentration can lead to life altering car crashes. One such wreck has Maryland police continuing their car accident investigation after an early morning incident claimed a life.

Maryland nursing homes are not exempt from medical malpractice

Placing a loved one into a nursing care facility is never a choice that many consider lightly. Although many Maryland nursing homes and assisted living facilities provide good care, problems and neglect still exist in some. Those who have suffered or watched a loved one suffer at the hands of a staff or facility that has been compensated and trusted to provide adequate care and compassion to a family member could seek damages in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Repeated violations spike Maryland workers' compensation claims

Working with one's hands in the field as a skilled laborer has been one of demand with every construction boom. Along with the increasing need for new locations to house, feed and clothe Maryland residents, the workers' compensation insurance program has seen an increase in claims due to on-the-job injury. These sometimes preventable injuries have caused many city, state and national boards to strengthen and implement more stringent laws and practices to protect employees.

Accidents involving drunk driver increase on July 4

With the Fourth of July holiday approaching, many in Maryland are making plans for fun and exciting celebrations. Some may plan to attend the parade and fireworks in Annapolis, and others may be crossing the Bay Bridge heading to the shore. Certainly, these events will include music, summer foods and beverages, and very good friends to make the celebration complete. Unfortunately, for some, the celebration will end with a motor vehicle accident caused by a drunk driver.

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