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May 2017 Archives

Head-on collision in Maryland sends 6 to hospital

A three-day holiday weekend is often a cause for celebration. The reprieve from work for one additional day seems to put even the most disgruntled employees in a chipper mood. But as with any social festivities, caution should be taken when heading out on Maryland roads. The number of auto accidents increase when more people are out, young drivers take to the road and alcohol is thrown into the mix. Six local teens and their families are reeling after a recent head-on collision sent the teenagers to the hospital.

Workplace accidents can impede Maryland employees' income

On-the-job and worksite safety has made vast improvements over the last 10 years, especially in Maryland. Company owners and investors have spent millions of dollars on trainings for both employees and supervisors to help keep the workplace accident and injury free. But even with the most rigorous training and stringent guidelines and procedures, workplace accidents can and will happen. A company in another state has recently been fined for safety violations after an employee was fatally injured at the end of 2016.

Woman sues for personal injury in botulism case

A woman is suing a gas station after contracting botulism. She claims that her symptoms started after she consumed tortilla chips and the store's own nacho cheese sauce. She and her partner believe that the cheese sauce was contaminated, causing her to become sick with the rare form of food poisoning. While botulism is fortunately not a common illness, personal injury cases from bad food happen every year in Maryland.

Workers' compensation fraud puts maryland workers at risk

Keeping employees safe while on the job is paramount to owning and operating a successful business. Maryland employers are expected and required by law to carry workers' compensation coverage on all of their employees. This coverage protects workers in the event that an on-the-job accident or illness should occur. This program provides monetary benefits to help keep the families and the worker with a form of income to sustain them while the injured are not able to work. When an owner does not comply, those who are employed by them are at jeopardy.

Maryland drivers who injure others could be sued for negligence

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life combined with the congestion on some of Maryland's highways and main routes, car accidents are bound to crop up. Accidents that happen due to driver error or unforeseen, unavoidable circumstances are still upsetting, but are less likely to result in serious injury or death. When an accident is due to negligence and the operator is driving aggressively, the outcome, should an accident occur, can be far more severe.

Maryland employers can help limit workplace accidents

Maryland workers are not exempt from accidents that occur on the job. Workplace accidents, mostly falls, are reported as being the leading cause of death for construction workers. What makes the statistics all the more real, when presented, is how many of the accidents could be prevented by training employees properly. Worksite safety and providing the proper equipment is crucial for construction workers to be safe while performing a job well and in a timely manner. When employers don't implement training, accidents can happen.

Workplace injuries avoidable when Maryland business owners listen

Construction work can be physically demanding and is oftentimes dangerous. Workplace injuries can occur if safety and training are not held to high standards and establishments don't follow the laws set forth to protect employees. When an employer refuses to supply the materials or training necessary to keep a Maryland work site safe, legal action can follow.

Multi-car accident injures baby, teen, child and 4 adults

A multi-car accident caused serious injuries to several individuals, including a baby, a child and a teenager. The wreck took place in Germantown, Maryland, where one car crashed into six others. The other vehicles were all stopped at a traffic light when the first one came busting through. The car accident proved to be an especially damaging one.

Misdiagnosis can be fatal for Marylanders

Being a single parent in Maryland is not unusual, but that doesn't make it any easier. Raising children has gotten tougher, even for parents who are doing it together. Providing the sole income for the family and being the sole provider of love and physical care can be draining on the best of days. When a mother is also battling deadly cancer due to a misdiagnosis, the weight of being a single parent weighs far more heavily.

Negligence lawsuit filed in Maryland after boxer was left in coma

It is understood that Maryland boxing contenders understand that their jobs can be dangerous and painful. Stepping into the ring to battle another human being until the last one standing wins, or a panel of judges declares a winner, can take a lot of dedication and physical training. Attending physicians are require to sit ringside and tend to the boxers during breaks in the rounds, checking for any signs that may indicate the athlete cannot safely continue the match, including the harder to diagnose concussions. Should a ringside physician fail to stop a fight when a brain injury is possible, negligence could be assumed.

Injured by a doctor's negligence? Do this first

Imagine going into the hospital for a routine procedure. It should have been a simple tonsillectomy, a quick procedure with only very little risk. Unfortunately, something went terribly wrong and a nurse administered the wrong medication. The side effects were severe and now you are facing a permanent disability due to a brain injury caused by the medication.

Continuous workplace injuries in Maryland invesitagted

When the economy begins to slow down, one may wonder about the security of his or her job. When job security is in question, employers seem to have the upper hand and should workplace injuries occur, the instance for the employer to nullify or downplay the severity of the injury can leave employees with less than the law allows. Maryland employees are guaranteed certain workplace rights should an on-the-job injury occur, and employers must abide by these laws.

Suspected fatigued driver loses life in a Maryland car accident

Life in Maryland has become a screaming blur of all of the things that one has done during the day and still has yet to accomplish. The stress and demands of everyday life can wear down even those who thrive on deadlines and due dates. Sometimes, getting behind the wheel to drive somewhere is the only chance some get to take a much needed rest from tasks. This reprieve can lead to an emotional let down, which then tires the mind and body. While driving a vehicle, the release can be deadly, causing a car accident and putting everyone on the road in danger.

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