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April 2017 Archives

2 killed in Maryland drunk driving accident

Two people have been killed and several others injured in a fiery accident that took place a couple of weeks ago. According to a preliminary investigation, the crash was a drunk driving accident which could have been prevented. While six people were able to escape the crash with just injuries, two lost their lives on a Maryland road that night. The wreck occurred when a Suburban carrying six people crashed into the back of a Jeep with two people in it.

Maryland birth injuries could lead to millions in lawsuit payouts

The impending birth of a child is a time of great excitement. Crossing off the items on the baby registry, planning the nursery and picking out names are just a few things that many new Maryland parents do to help pass the time and prepare for the newest member of the family. It is also a time of great worry, hoping and questioning if the baby is okay. When concerns arise and the family seeks medical advice and hospital evaluation, they worry about possibly delivering a child who may suffer from multiple birth injuries, but don't expect medical staff to delay care and possibly cause some of those injuries, which may have been preventable.

Maryland brain injury: Difficult to diagnose

For many Maryland residents with symptoms that include forgetfulness, headaches and sensitivity to light and sound, finding the culprit to these sometimes debilitating annoyances can be time-consuming and costly. Most cases stem from some sort of brain injury, whether due to an accident or at the hands of another. Roughly two million Americans suffer from some form of traumatic brain injury each year. The lasting disabilities and general medical aftereffects can be devastating.

Workers' compensation in Maryland for fatal workplace injuries

Every day, thousands of Maryland men and women leave their homes to head to work. The job is oftentimes one that is repetitive, as it has become second nature to many. With one becoming complacent, the possibility of workplace injuries, especially in the construction field, can increase. When employees suffer injuries while performing work-related tasks, workers' compensation is a benefit that many will utilize to help see their families through the financial challenges that will most likely follow from the inability to work due to the injury.

Negligence cited in fatal Maryland car accident

Getting into the car with a friend is often never given a second thought. Placing one's life in the hands of someone we have known for years or someone we have just met but made that special connection with causes many to let their guard down. When negligence, alcohol and fast cars are added into the mix, the results can be devastating and deadly.

Maryland city government to settle 2 auto accident cases

Maryland residents are offered wonderful and much needed services such as trash removal, mail delivery, street cleanup and road repairs from the city or county in which they live. In Baltimore, city workers have many responsibilities with regard to community upkeep, and they are trained to be vigilant while out performing these essential jobs. Even with the best of care, accidents can happen. Reportedly, the city is set to approve settlement agreements regarding two separate auto accident claims.

Workplace accidents on the rise in Maryland and across the nation

Maryland employers have the responsibility to minimize the risk of injury on job sites by obtaining necessary permits and training all workers about correct safety procedures. When able to spot and correct dangerous conditions, the number of workplace accidents decreases significantly. When caution is not of paramount concern, accidents and fatalities can happen.

Officer cited in personal injury accident in Maryland

Emergency services are in place to protect citizens and attend to community members in a time of need. Sirens, lights and car markings set Maryland emergency responder vehicles apart from other commuter vehicles on the road. When emergency responders are on their way in response to a call for help, most other drivers on the road heed the right away and stop. Sometimes, with windows rolled up and obstructions from signs and other larger vehicles, seeing and hearing oncoming emergency responders and vehicles can be difficult. With high speed from the emergency vehicle and unsuspecting motorists, an accident can occur and often leave motorists and their passengers suffering from personal injury

Maryland residents need not fear medical malpractice claims

To become a Maryland licensed medical doctor, one needs to receive a significant amount of education. Along with the rigorous academia comes the endless hours of internship and research. This alone should turn away many who do not have the heart to practice patient-centered care. When a trained doctor takes advantage of title and patient trust and uses the position to defraud insurance companies, misdiagnose and perform erroneous surgeries, a medical malpractice lawsuit could be soon to follow.

Serious injury after Maryland car accident

Maryland is a busy hub for commercial and business transportation activities. With two major cities within an hour of each other, the highways and byways are usually bustling with motor vehicle activity. Recently, a man was fatally injured and his passenger suffered serious injury when a truck struck their vehicle while passing through a busy intersection.

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