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August 2016 Archives

Child falls from Ferris wheel, suffers traumatic brain injury

A traumatic brain injury can be a devastating type of injury that often has lifelong consequences for both the victim and his or her loved ones. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) may result from just about any type of accident in Maryland, including those involving cars, boats and even carnival rides. A child suffered such an injury at an amusement park in another state recently.

Couple wins medical malpractice suit, awarded $16 million

Health care professionals are required to provide a certain standard of care to their patients. Physicians, specialists, obstetricians, nurses, therapists and other types of medical personnel are covered by this professional responsibility. When Maryland health care providers fail to maintain reasonable standards of care, they can be held liable for the damages patients suffer via medical malpractice suits. 

Recent Maryland car accident: 4 injured

The damage that a vehicle crash in Maryland may cause can range from the minor fender bender to the devastating high-speed, multi-car pileup. If a motorist is injured and decides to file a legal claim, this claim is governed by the law of negligence. That is, a motorist must exercise reasonable care under the circumstances. A failure to do so that leads to a car accident may be considered negligence.

Elderly woman's death results in medical malpractice suit

When sick or injured, individuals go to doctors and other medical professionals in order to receive accurate diagnoses, quality care and to get better. However, it unfortunately does not always work out that way for some Maryland residents. Sometimes, the professionals may cause further injury. Fortunately, victims retain the right to file medical malpractice suits in order to seek financial compensation and hold the negligent medical providers accountable for their actions.

1 killed, 1 injured in recent Maryland car accident

Car accidents result in permanent injuries to thousands of people every year. They also are among one of the largest primary causes of death amongst young individuals. A car accident that seriously injured one individual and killed another occurred recently.

Man mysteriously dies, widow files medical malpractice suit

An out-of-state man died after having gone through a non-emergency procedure and many medical experts are still deciding what killed him. Although the man has been laid to rest after his sudden death in 2013, his heart is at the center of a contentious medical malpractice case that was filed in 2015. The heart has already been to three different states and covered over 1,000 miles in order to be studied by different pathologists. Maryland residents who have had a loved one die a mysterious death may not know that they are legally entitled to file a medical malpractice suit against the medical professional responsible. 

Man paralyzed, wins medical malpractice suit, awarded $4 million

Sadly, lives can be lost when a medical professional makes a mistake. A patient typically assumes that the doctor will consider every possibility and recommend care that correlates with the presenting symptoms. A medical malpractice lawsuit in a state outside of Maryland claimed that a doctor's failure to diagnose led to a man's permanent paralysis.

The basics of a personal injury suit in Maryland

People from all walks of life are injured every single day in Maryland under various circumstances. Frequent causes of personal injury may include accidents at work, car accidents, defective products, as well as assault. Regardless of the specifics, when other parties are the ones responsible for the incidents, injured victims are fully within their rights to file legal claims in civil court in order to seek full recovery for their monetary losses.

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