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Studies question whether head injury causes dementia

Several previous studies have displayed a link between those who suffer a head injury and those who develop dementia. A new study recently revealed that protein clumps -- amyloid plaques -- often seen in those with Alzheimer's disease -- can also be seen in the brains of individuals who received a head injury. When Maryland residents suffer a head injury due to the negligence of another party or parties, they are typically entitled to file a civil lawsuit for monetary damages against those deemed responsible.

The study helped researchers better understand how those who have suffered a serious head or brain injury are more likely to develop dementia later on in their lives. More research has shown that when individuals receive a blow to their head -- such as one suffered in a car accident -- certain biological processes of the brain are triggered. These begin working away in the individual's background for years, a researcher said.

The study's authors used MRIs and other imaging procedures to gather images of patients' brains who survived a TBI, individuals who were healthy and individuals who had Alzheimer's. These scans showed that amyloid plaques were present in all of the participants' brains -- however, those who suffered TBIs had more plaque than a healthy volunteer, though less than those who had Alzheimer's. The parts of the brain where the plaques were discovered involve the part of the brain that is both highly connected, metabolically active and is responsible for both attention and memory, as well as the part that is responsible for regulating muscular activity.

Individuals who suffered a TBI may not feel any direct effects after their recovery, but the injury's complications are often known as "hidden disabilities," as it can take months or sometimes years before the actual symptoms appear. Victims may appear to have made a full recovery, but may still experience chronic problems with their concentration and memory. As the injury is so prevalent and the prognosis so uncertain, many Maryland residents who believe they may have suffered a head injury seek the help of experienced personal injury attorneys to assess the viability of their claims.

Source:, "Can Head Injury Cause Dementia? Alzheimer's-Like Brain Plaques Seen In People With Past Traumatic Brain Injuries", Angela Laguipo, Feb. 7, 2016

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