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May 2015 Archives

Can a failure to diagnose apply to preventative screenings?

When time is of the essence, a misdiagnosis can cause great injury to a patient. Yet the failure to properly diagnose early signs of disease can be equally damaging. Preventative screenings for cancer or other diseases are meant to keep us healthy. When doctors fail to identify disease, the untreated condition may progress to a stage where the odds of recovery are indeed low.

Does summer road construction increase the risk of car accidents?

For many, summer months mean road trips to nearby outdoor destinations like the beach, campgrounds, amusement parks or other favorite spots. Summer months also present an opportunity for road construction workers to repair the toll that winter months have taken on the state’s roads and highways. Crews must also attend to summer needs like mowing grass to keep shoulder areas on highways navigable.

Can personal liability law deter negligence and reduce accidents?

In the wake of the Amtrak tragedy, Maryland transit commuters might be questioning whether their local route is being safely maintained. Those concerns might be aggravated by a recent news report involving the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. According to sources, WMATA might be facing a financial hardship, including a potential default on its loans due in June. 

Do home deliveries present more risk of birth injuries?

In many ways, normal labor and delivery might be regarded as a low risk procedure. Yet despite the assurances of a hospital’s high statistical rate of safe deliveries, expecting parents may not be able to rid themselves of some fears regarding potential birth injuries

Are there special litigation issues after a mass transit crash?

For many Maryland residents, commuting by train is a part of daily life. For others, a train ride might be the easiest and most convenient way to get to other East Coast cities on vacation or the weekend. For both types of travelers, the recent Amtrak tragedy likely hits close to home.

Spinal cord tragedy raises questions, may include civil liability

A spinal cord injury is more commonly associated with sporting injuries, falls or motor vehicle accidents, rather than one’s treatment while in police custody. However, the recent tragedy involving Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black youth who died while in custody with the Baltimore police, has raised questions. 

Could a two-second distraction cause a car accident?

As hands-free car technology proliferates, the temptation to take one’s eyes off the road increases exponentially. Yet according to a recent study, even a two-second glance away from the road when driving at high speeds might increase the risk of a motor vehicle accident. 

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