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April 2014 Archives

High speed car accidents in Maryland can cause serious injury

There are likely millions of people across the country who choose to ignore posted speed limits each day. While some people may feel they are an impediment, speed limits are actually in place to preserve the safety of all people in or near the roadway. Unfortunately, speeding can often lead to serious or even fatal car accidents. Two men, one from Maryland, are currently in critical condition after an apparent high-speed accident in Anne Arundel County.

Maryland motorcycle accidents could lead to civil litigation

Areas on the East Coast have endured what many describe as a harsher than normal winter; fortunately, the warmer weather has brought a reprieve from the cold temperatures, snow and ice. As the area starts to thaw, more people begin to enjoy outdoor activities that the cold weather may have prevented over the winter. As a result, more motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians may start to take advantage of Maryland roadways, meaning other drivers must remain particularly vigilant. Motorcycle accidents often lead to serious injury or death, and a man was recently killed in such an accident in Prince George's County.

Man files medical malpractice case due to nerve damage

The vast majority of medical personnel in Maryland are well-trained professionals who strive to ensure their patients receive the best possible care. Unfortunately, a single misstep can have serious consequences for a patient. One hospital in another state now faces several medical malpractice suits as a result of serious injury, or death, caused by a doctor's alleged actions.

Former warden's family could receive workers' compensation

A person who deals with convicted criminals on a daily basis knows that his or her life may be in jeopardy as a result of their occupation. However, a former Maryland warden was killed in an out-of-state workplace accident after he resigned his position as warden and was working in a position that many would assume is safer. As a result of the accident, his family may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits.

OSHA investigates worker injury in Maryland

Many people do not realize the serious impact a workplace accident can have on an employee and his or her family. In addition to medical bills, he or she could face lost wages during the period of recovery. In some serious situations, workers are never able to return to work. However, there are financial options available. A worker injury in Maryland will likely cause one man to look into these options as he struggles to recover from a workplace accident.

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