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September 2013 Archives

Family of Maryland man may qualify for workers' compensation

Most counselors will state that there are specific stages of grief. However, the overwhelming shock and disbelief upon first learning of a loved one's death, especially an unexpected death, is often debilitating. In addition to managing their grief, loved ones also have to wonder about their financial future, especially if the family member was the primary wage earner for the family. If the death occurs as a result of a workplace injury, however, the family is likely entitled to workers' compensation benefits. The family of a Maryland likely qualifies for such compensation after a workplace accident resulted in the death of a man.

Speed, alcohol contribute to Maryland car accidents

There are many unavoidable accidents. However, it is rare that people involved in car accidents are following the rules of the road with no distractions. For example, many accidents can be traced back to a distracted driver, reckless driving or driving under the influence. Unfortunately in many of these accidents, people who are completely innocent of these trespasses are frequently victims. A recent accident in Maryland has caused the serious injury of two drivers, and police suspect the rules of the road were not being followed at the time.

Unlicensed drivers in Maryland cause car accidents

Many people await the day when they are finally able to get their learner's permit. Unfortunately, these inexperienced drivers often have a large amount to learn before they are able to drive unattended. As a result, Maryland has regulations in place restricting the driving of those who only have learner's permits in an attempt to limit or prevent car accidents. In a recent case, authorities allege that a male who should not have been driving unsupervised crashed into a local cell phone store.

Parents file medical malpractice suit after toddler's death

There is no greater joy for a parent than the arrival of their new baby. On the over hand, however, the emotional devastation for parents who have experienced the death of a child is unimaginable. These emotions are likely heightened if they feel that additional medical care could have prevented that child's death. Parents in Maryland who feel their child is a victim of medical malpractice has the right to seek legal recourse in a civil court just as a parents who are still reeling from the death of their toddler are in the process of doing.

Increased vigilance needed to avoid Maryland motorcycle accidents

Firefighters know when they report for work every day that it could be their last shift due to the potential of death or serious injury. However, in a tragic twist, one firefighter lost in life in an after-hours accident in Maryland while he was driving his motorcycle. This incident is just the latest to support the need for increased driver vigilance in order to prevent motorcycle accidents.

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