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July 2013 Archives

Maryland incident shows seriousness of truck accidents

Anyone who has driven on the interstate knows that they are filled with semi-trucks. The American economy largely relies on these types of trucks. While most drivers are well-trained and safe, the sheer size of the vehicle likely ensures that truck accidents are frequently dangerous, causing injury and damage. One young woman is recovering today after a collision with a semi-truck sent her over a bridge in Maryland.

Couple wins millions in medical malpractice case

There are few jobs where mistakes could cost someone's life. While most people recognize that everyone is human, lives are lost when medical professional make mistakes. Patients assume that their doctors will explore every possibility and recommend care that is in line with symptoms that are displayed. However, Maryland patients may be interested in the outcome of a medical malpractice case that claims a doctor's mistakes led to a man's stroke and, subsequently, serious medical issues.

Maryland motorcycle accidents: Cheerleader the latest victim

Many people have different outlets to relieve stress. Some people spend time in the gym working out frustrations, while others might spend time with a different recreational activity, such as fishing. For others, stress relief can come as simply as hopping on their motorcycle on a nice day and going for a short trip; however, these people are in danger of motorcycle accidents, often by no fault of their own. It is important for other drivers to be aware of the presence of motorcyclists in order to prevent injury or death. The recent death of a Maryland cheerleader further highlights the need for automobile drivers to exhibit caution while on the road.

Car accidents create medical bills for injured in Maryland

Football is a major pastime in this country. Even months before the football season starts, people begin preparing with countdowns to the first game and parades in celebration of the local professional team. It is a time associated with fun, food and excitement. However, football will likely remind one Maryland family of the severe injury that their daughter received as she participated in preseason activities. As car accidents tend to do, this family has been left with several medical bills.

Car accidents in Annapolis can cause injury to diners

When the weather warms, more people take advantage of a restaurant's outdoor dining option. It allows diners to enjoy the benefits of restaurant dining while still enjoying the outdoors. However, one woman in Annapolis might think twice before she chooses to eat outside again after an accident left her seriously injured. With an increasing awareness of these types of car accidents, more and more people may opt to decline dining outdoors.

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