Scooter Accidents

According to the Baltimore Sun, "How many scooters there are in [Annapolis] is unknown." Nonetheless, anyone who is out in public is aware of the popularity of scooters in the Annapolis area. News sources regularly report on scooter accidents in the region such as the following:

  • A man on a motor scooter collided with a truck in Glen Burnie in July 2012, resulting in injuries that left him in critical condition.
  • A motor scooter crash in Cape St. Claire in September 2012 sent the teenage rider to a shock trauma center.

Serious injuries, catastrophic injuries and fatalities are sadly common outcomes of scooter accidents. As is the case with motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents, crashes involving motor scooters typically cause great harm to riders. A human body tossed by the impact between a scooter and a car or a scooter and a tree, for example, lacks the protection necessary to prevent major injuries.

With the passage of a law enacted in the fall of 2012, titles, insurance, helmets and eye protection are now required for people who own and operate motor scooters in Maryland. As people register their scooters, a more accurate count should be attainable. The new insurance requirement for scooters is certainly a prudent development, considering the frequency of motor scooter accidents and the severity of injuries that they cause.

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