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October 2016 Archives

Court: Doctor pays $25 million for alleged medical malpractice

When injured or sick, many people go to doctors and other medical professionals in order to receive diagnoses of what ails them and, if need be, quality care in order to get better. However, for some Maryland residents, it does not always work out that way. Unfortunately, sometimes the professionals may actually cause further injury. Fortunately for these victims, the legal system has rules and laws pertaining to medical malpractice that help to determine who is liable for the injuries suffered while a victim was receiving medical care.

Recent Maryland car accident injures 2

When it comes to riding, many Maryland motorcyclists know that no matter how careful one is, a rider cannot control the choices of the other drivers on the road. Standard vehicles have airbags and other devices to protect their passengers while motorcycles, unfortunately, do not. When involved in a car accident, the only protection an individual has on a motorcycle is a helmet and the clothing he or she is wearing.

Hope for traumatic brain injury victims

In Maryland and elsewhere, a brain injury can dramatically change the life of the victim and the lives of his or her family members. Learning and understanding how to begin to live with those kinds of changes is crucial. An out-of-state support group for individuals who had suffered a traumatic brain injury seeks to help on that front.

Hit-and-run accident victim's family chooses to speak out

A vehicular collision can have a major impact on the financial, emotional and physical well-being of a victim and his or her family. In addition to injuries, car accidents can leave a victim with medical bills, lost wages from missed work, and other types of emotional and mental trauma. The aftermath of a serious car or hit-and-run accident is overwhelming, but a Maryland victim or the victim's family does not have to face it alone.

Recent medical malpractice case -- man awarded almost $9M

A Maryland resident may go in for a routine medical procedure, only to later suffer complications and/or unforeseen side effects. Sometimes, an individual may instead suffer what they feel to be unnecessary pain and/or suffering while in the care of a medical professional. In some cases, perhaps a doctor failed to diagnose a serious condition during an earlier examination. If any of the above are the case, medical malpractice may have occurred.

Recent car accident kills 3 and injures 1

Car accidents in Maryland may cause damage that can range from minor fender benders to colossal high-speed multi-car pileups. In the event a driver is injured in a car accident and decides to file a legal claim for damages, this claim is governed by the law of negligence. That is, motorists must exercise "reasonable care under the circumstances." When they fail to do so, it may be considered negligence.

Grandmother suffers brain injury after treadmill accident

American culture pushes Maryland residents to be healthy and stay in shape. However, exercise equipment -- whether used in one's home or at a gym -- does carry inherent risks.  Around 460,000 exercise equipment-related injuries send individuals to emergency rooms each year, and many of these injuries are due to treadmills. Sadly, many result in individuals suffering brain injury

Family sues hospital for medical malpractice after mother's death

Some Maryland residents may have heard about a man and his girlfriend's family who recently filed a civil suit against an out-of-state hospital after the woman mysteriously died shortly after childbirth. The individuals allege medical malpractice occurred in that the hospital, and in addition, they claim that the more than half a dozen doctors who treated the woman performed their duties negligently, resulting in the woman's death. The woman was 34 years old and from Hong Kong.

Recent Maryland car accident

There are a multitude of traffic laws -- from obeying stop and posted speed limit signs to staying in the correct lane of traffic -- that are intended to keep Maryland residents safe . While some motorists may, from time to time, be tempted to ignore a law or two, some laws, if broken -- especially laws surrounding the use of alcohol and speed-- may lead directly to another person's death. For example, one motorist who was allegedly driving drunk and speeding was involved in a car accident that took the life of a child.

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