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October 2013 Archives

Maryland doctor found liable for medical malpractice

Advances in medical technology and knowledge have likely saved millions of lives over the course of the last century. Unfortunately, these advances cannot always prevent death or further injury. While surgery can often improve a patient's quality of life, patients often have to weigh the risk of undergoing a dangerous procedure with the potential outcome of the surgery. In order to make this decision, patients must be able to trust that their doctors are providing them with accurate advice and reports regarding their health. One man in Maryland is claiming he is a victim of medical malpractice after his doctor advised him to undergo what is now believed to be an unnecessary medical procedure.

Fear of car accidents may deter Anne Arundel bicyclists

In recent years, it seems that the idea of using a bicycle as a primary source of transportation has become increasingly popular in this country. The benefits are obvious -- it is better for the environment, provides exercise and reduces transportation costs. However, several well-publicized car accidents have recently made Anne Arundel bicyclists concerned about their safety while on the road.

Anne Arundel motorcycle accidents: Recent crash due to texting?

The dangers of texting while driving have become common knowledge over the last few years. As a result, most states have enacted some sort of law to limit this form of distracted driving. The hope is that such action will reduce the number of car and motorcycle accidents. One young Anne Arundel woman, who was involved in a fatal car accident, will now be prosecuted under a new law that bans texting while driving.

Family of deceased Maryland man could seek workers' compensation

There is some degree of risk in everything that people do. Even the most seemingly innocuous of activities could have underlying risks, especially when those activities deal with an occupation. Because of this there are organizations in place to attempt to protect employees from work hazards and hold employers accountable when preventable accidents happen due to work conditions. To further assist injured workers or the family members of deceased workers, most states require employers to provide employees with workers' compensation coverage. The family of a Maryland man will likely need this coverage after an accident at work took his life.

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