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Maryland workers' compensation increases with repeated claims

Workplace injuries occur, especially in the manufacturing and construction sector. Most employers have in place standards, policies and procedures, and workplace training to help keep their employees safe. Some companies refuse to spend the extra time and money to invest in the necessary devices and training to help ensure that employees are safe while performing their duties. Should an injury occur while one is working on the job, the Maryland workers' compensation program is in place to help.

A manufacturer in another state is facing heavy and expensive fines after The Occupational Safety and Health Administration completed its investigation into four separate injuries that have occurred at the company's plant. In the last five years, 15 workers have suffered serious injuries that have led to amputations. Sadly, many, if not all, of these injuries were preventable, and the company now has been placed into OSHA's Severe Violator Enforcement Program.

Medical mistakes in Maryland can leave veterans with no choice

Many Maryland doctors often have their practice or moonlight at their local Veterans Affairs Medical Center. By doing so, the doctors alleviate the need to carry their own medical malpractice insurance and payroll that can often run the doctor thousands of dollars. Sometimes, doctors will start out working with the VA and then venture out on their own. A recent investigation by USA Today apparently found that one center has been allowing doctors to quietly resign after repeated medical mistakes that have caused unnecessary pain and suffering for veterans.

A podiatrist for a Veterans Affairs Medical Center in another state has been accused of making at least 88 mistakes, including drilling the wrong screw into a bone, severing a tendon, as well as performing unnecessary surgeries and a failed ankle fusion, twice. What's more disturbing is the fact that the center knew he was dangerous as a practitioner and allowed him to resign with no other action taken. After his resignation, he reportedly opened a private practice in another state. Instead of the facility firing or reporting the doctor, his new patients at his new practice had no way of finding the truth behind the issues that the doctor had with the VA.

Maryland woman may suffer brain damage after Las Vegas shooting

The recent Las Vegas shooting has been in the news, on the minds and in the hearts of many. The reasons why such a sad occurrence was carried out seem to pale in comparison to the damage and heartache that has been a result of the act. A Maryland woman who was a victim in the shooting is holding on to her life and, if she survives, may suffer brain damage.

The woman was attending the concert with her boyfriend and friends when the she was shot through her right eye. Her companions carried her over 300 yards to a pickup truck and she was rushed to a nearby hospital. Doctors say that the bullet traveled through two quadrants of her brain, but luckily, no swelling has occurred.

Fatal Maryland workplace injuries and survivor benefits

Workplace accidents can happen at any time while one is working. Most Maryland employers make it a top priority to keep their employees safe while they are working on the job. Guidelines, policies and trainings are put into place to help meet the standards set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Even with the best placed policies, highest standards and relentless training, workplace injuries still occur.

OSHA has opened up an investigation after a man was killed while on the job. The 55-year-old male was killed when granite slabs fell on top of him. The stones crushed him while he was working at a stone distribution center in another state.

Multiple vehicle car accident in Maryland involves minors

It may be tempting to ignore the posted speed limit signs when driving a familiar or often-traveled road. The posted speed limits may seem to some like merely a suggestion, but the speed limit has been tested and proven to allow safe passage on and along the roadway when followed. Ignoring these signs can have serious or even fatal repercussions, as a woman from Maryland learned in a recent car accident.

The incident occurred around 6 p.m. Authorities responded to a call of a multiple vehicle collision involving 3 vehicles and 12 people. The first vehicle, a sedan, was traveling eastbound when the 32-year-old female driver was apparently unable to control the speed. The sedan hit a van which then struck a small car.

Be sure to follow these wet-weather driving tips

As a driver in the state of Maryland, you know that the fall months can bring quite a bit of rain to the area. This can impact your life in many ways, including the way that you drive.

As temperatures cool off, wet roads can turn into a sheet of ice. This makes it a challenge to navigate to and from your destination in a safe manner.

Permanent disability for Maryland babies born with a birth injury

Birth experiences vary from woman to woman and can end in joy or in total devastation. Most parents are prepared in advance should their child need medical intervention immediately after birth and throughout childhood. They have time to prepare themselves and their families. Some Maryland deliveries take a turn for the worse and immediate lifesaving measures must be taken to save the child and/or the mother. Sometimes these traumatic births will lead to a permanent disability that will require medical care for the rest of the child's life.

A mother of a four-year-old boy in another state is bringing about awareness for a birth injury her son suffered. The little boy suffered a traumatic birth when his shoulder rotated completely during the pushing phase of labor and caused the child to become stuck in the birth canal. The life-long injury resulted in what is called Brachial Plexus Palsy.

Maryland paramedics can be charged with medical malpractice

Maryland families prepare for the arrival of a baby in many ways. Reviewing or implementing a will and updating life insurance policies may be just a few "must-do's" when expecting, next to setting up the nursery and picking out baby names. When a parent dies shortly after the birth of the child, the family can be left reeling and wondering why this happened.  A young mother's estate has finally been settled when a jury ruled in favor of a $6 million medical malpractice lawsuit after she lost her life7 days after the birth of her premature son.

A 20-year-old mother in another state went into premature labor when she was 28 weeks pregnant. The baby was delivered via cesarean section, and after a short recovery period for mom, she went home. A week later, while at her parents' home, she collapsed. While in route to the hospital via ambulance, the paramedics failed to intubate her correctly, and she died shortly after arriving at her local hospital. The medical staff had discovered after her death that an endotracheal tube was incorrectly placed by the advanced life support paramedics who were transporting her.

Fatal Maryland workplace accidents and survivors benefits

Maryland employers are required to carry workers' compensation insurance. This insurance helps to provide financial assistance should an employee be injured or killed while working on the job. The benefits regarding workplace accidents apply whether the injury was the fault of the employee, the employer or another party. Also available through the program are survivors benefits, which are available to the victim's immediate family should the injury be fatal.

An explosion in another state took a painter's life. The 46-year-old male was painting an unfinished home when the explosion occurred. He was working in the home shortly after a plumbing and heating company had completed some work. Fire and rescue arrived on the scene around 10:30 a.m., but the home had already collapsed and fire had consumed the structure.

Medical expenses from a Maryland car accident may be reimbursed

Car accidents are often unexpected and can be very expensive. Car repairs of damaged vehicles can get extremely pricey and medical expenses incurred can be astronomical. Maryland residents who have been the victim or the cause of an auto accident may find themselves in need of an attorney to help recover the costs if applicable.  

Police responded to a call around 2:40 a.m. that claimed a vehicle was overturned and came to a rest down an embankment. Upon arrival at the scene, authorities found the driver of the overturned vehicle to have been thrown from the vehicle and declared him dead at the scene. They believed him to be in his late 40s. A passenger was taken to a local shock trauma center where the 47-year-old male is being treated for serious injuries.

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